Stuff White People Don’t Like: Shitty Customer Service

Unlike white people, black folks don’t really care when they receive shitty customer service. Nine times out of ten black people are either providing said shitty service, or as a customer trying to get the hook up from said shitty service provider. White people on the other hand are guaranteed excellent customer service per the Constitution – no shit, it’s in the Bill of Rights; or was that the 46th amendment?

At any rate, white folks are privileged enough to print their own money, so it’s only natural that they expect top shelf service wherever they go. Being melanin afflicted as some of my brothers and sisters are we don’t get the privilege to do something like this:

I’m guessing the Burger King “Have it your way” line didn’t help matters any. Sure you might think that this lady was wrong to dial 911 for something as trivial as this. And yeah, you might think this wasn’t an emergency which required the attention it received, but don’t tell that to the lady who called. She’s white and she’s American, and by God she deserves good customer service. Hell I’m surprised she didn’t call the FBI!

So what somebody may have died somewhere else because they weren’t able to get through to a 911 operator – they probably didn’t have health insurance anyway. Yeah, and just in case any of you feel the need to remind me about the black lady who called 911 to complain about McNuggets? Um, that was indeed an emergency – she was black and she ordered chicken, remember? But that didn’t matter because she was eventually arrested. Obviously she wasn’t able to print her own money.