Does this guy look racist to you?

Does the guy in the picture above look racist? No seriously, does he? I mean, what exactly does a person who’s racist look like? OK, so he isn’t wearing a white robe and a pointy hat as he rides a horse enthused to act on his pyromania somewhere in the south. Truth is, he’s black. Yep, and well, there’s no way that a black guy can be racist, right? Especially when he’s opposed to Barack Obama’s proposed Health Care Reform, right? Let’s be real: how can a black man be racist aginst another?

Well, someone got the bright idea to run the following ad campaign currently being aired on Fox News to prove a point. I guess “certain people” are tired of being called racist because they oppose Barack Obama and his policies. What’s funny about it is that it’s being ran on Fox and nowhere else as far as I can tell, but that’s not important. What’s important is that these people are not racist by being opposed to what they call Obamacare:

However, I feel the need to tell these fine folks – the producers of this commercial – that this was a pretty weak-ass attempt to make a point. True, being opposed to Health Care doesn’t mean you’re racist because the president just happens to be black. What it means is that you’re stupid, but that’s a whole different post in itself – and quite frankly I’ve talked about Health care Reform a time or two on this blog; plus, the Public Option is all but dead anyway.

I feel the need to tell the producers of this ad that nobody has ever said that “they” were racist for being opposed to reform. What we – Jimmy Carter included since they went there in the ad – is that the reactions, or actions of some of the protesters were racist in nature. You see one can be racist by nature and thought but never act on it, and we’d never know. It’s kinda hard to do because so a man thinketh so he acts. Yep, especially when Obamacare was touted as reparations for African-Americans.

It’s been well documented the nuance of race and racism at these protests over the past year. As a matter of fact, I’ve found this pretty cool website that you should check out. The site is called Look At This Fucking Teabagger, and they’ve compiled pictures of these racist assholes dissenters protesters from all over the country. Since racism is not an opinion per se, it’s quite obvious to me that these protests were an excuse to bring out the worst in the disgruntled folks. I mean why not do all you can but hang the man since everybody was doing it, right? Shit, I don’t have a problem with racist individuals as long as they don’t act on it…

But anyway, that was some real slick shit with the ad above – throw in a few black faces to make a point; hell, everybody is going to believe that those paid black actors could not be possibl;y racist because they’re opposed to Health care Reform. Oh well, I’m glad that it’s only a commercial and that we don’t have to go around the country rescuing some of the mis-guided Negroes among us like this following clip shows…