There’s no Use Talking to White folks who Say They’re Victims of Racism

I’ve admitted a few times that I, myself, am racist. Although, it may not be a correct self-assessment. I’m more prejudiced than racist as I have no power to drive the prosperity of non-blacks and only non-blacks down while plotting ways to diminish any hope for them to be on par with us in any way due to loathsome myths that I’ve thoughtlessly ingested.

Yet, I’ve been accused of being racist…against whites by whites. Most entries in my blog are about the malign facets of whiteness: white racism, white supremacy, white fragility, etc. That alone is enough for passersby and devoted trolls to deliver more ruinous whiteness in the form of deflection, name-calling, condemnation, and denial. I’m called a racist. My opinions are delusional, silly and stupid, and the truth is fake.

The most important thing these white-minded individuals want me to know out of all of their banter is that white people are victims of racism. Either that or there’s more racism against them than nonwhites. So, one way or another, I’m wrong and – of course, racist – for blogging about all the shit whiteness has done and is doing. Discussing and criticizing whiteness is equivalent to attacking white people, and I’m fundamentally no different than the KKK.

But how oppressed are white people really are? Are they being pulled over by police in large numbers for “looking suspicious”? Are they followed around stores out of fear that they may shoplift? Are they passed over for jobs and careers based on white-sounding names? Are mostly white neighborhoods, especially poor ones, considered dangerous areas to live, especially at night?

I could ask more questions, present actual facts and data, but no matter what I ask or say, no matter what truths are given, white people will reject it as part of the fake news scheme, an unholy plot against white people, because they’re simply white.

This is why it’s not our responsibility to teach white people about ourselves or racism. Doing so is a full-time job with no pay or benefits, at least not for us.

No explanation or contest against their thinking is worthy of their attention. They’re really not interested in a discussion. They rather argue, put down and win by any means. They prefer apologies or better, that we agree with them and adopt their thinking. Nothing pleases whiteness more than people of color siding with it. As a black person, white people just don’t want to listen let alone hear about what you feel about racism unless if it’s from any of the broken records from the archive of whiteness.

Yet, some think going to spaces that weren’t meant for their comfort is somehow a good idea. They claim to want to add to the conversation and present “another side” to the issue which involves more hits from the broken record of whitenss. But in then end, all they’ll end up doing is intimidate, berate, shown hypocrisy, bully and threatened bloggers of color and white folks who disagree and tried to talk to these people and refuse to back down on what they know is right.

I’ve seen a lot of that while being a blogger. Self-proclaimed race realists, Tea Party members, Neo-Nazis, Trump supporters, cocky liberals and ignorant conservatives resort to being the worst kind of people just to get their points across. They will lie, deceive, gaslight and even threaten if they don’t get their way. Even more hair-pulling is when they claim that being a straight, white Christian male is the new homosexual, black Muslim female.

There would’ve been a slight chance for sympathy for these types as many of them are really struggling, but a lot of them prove, one way or another, that they are just horrible people, and they are living in a time where being horrible is somehow honorable. They don’t care that their hatred and deplorable attitudes harm others. Yet, they expect us to feel sorry that their precious people are somehow being oppressed.

They don’t deserve sympathy, because they truly don’t want it. And we should stop trying to reach out to those who would rather die than wake the hell up and realize who the REAL enemies are.