Stuff White People Don’t Like: Other White People Bringing Up Slavery

Yep, who wants to be reminded of an institution that existed so long ago that exploited human beings as they were the engine of the economy, right? Well I don’t blame them, and I’d be pissed off too. If I were white every time someone white brings up slavery or makes any mention of it, suppression of guilt would be a bitch.

See, black people can bring that shit up all day long to white people, but they get ignored, because, well, they did the Negroes a favor by freeing them but they seek solace in being victims. But when a white person mentions it to make a point like Democratic Senator Harry Reid did in the video above when discussing Health care Reform, guilt surfaces in the form of outrage.

The only white people immune to the guilt of the dreaded S-word are those tree hugging Liberals. Sure it was a Republican president who signed the Emancipation Proclamation, but the way they see it, they’ve done enough for the Negro kind – sorry Kunta you’re on your own there buddy. I mean who wants to feel guilty about some ole shit like a race of people working for free this close to Christmas, right?

Yep, and now because of Harry Reid, white folks will now have to go out and find some homeless illiterate Negro somewhere in Mississippi. Yep, one of those big corn fed black guys to to put through college while he plays football with the hope of making it to the NFL. Yeah, they gotta do stuff like that to feel better about themselves. Never mind the fact that Harry Reid never said the GOP attempted to stop the movement that ended slavery. The important point is that it’s not cool for white people to pull the race card to make other white people feel bad.