That’s it, I’m “Going Rogue”…!!!

Yeah I realize that’s kinda hard for a black guy to pull off. I mean nine times out of ten people of color are perceived as being “rogues” – especially if they’re progressive or slightly left of center politically by the color aroused folks among us. But going rogue I’m sure has it’s benefits like it did for this white lady I never heard of before September 2008.

Shit, going rogue is so cool that it allows you to walk off your job and travel the country – something that I’ve been dying to do by the way. Who cares that have to put together some convenient untruths in the form of a best seller further proving how effective the dumbing down of America has become. I wouldn’t mind it one bit especially if there is free clothes in it for me and my family because that’s just the American way; nothing like a well dressed mavericky/rogue-ish family.

Starting with this very blog post I am about to become the rogue-est of the rogues out there…I’m broke nigga, I’m broke! Now let’s see if I could find supporters like these to make this happen: