So that’s why they call it Cracker Barrel

I don’t know if White people in Georgia are pissed because Real Housewives of Atlanta has picked up where the Ying Yang twins have left off as an embarrassment to the state [read about that one here]. But I’d be damned if they haven’t been trippin’ lately down in the peach state.

Last week this grumpy old troll down in Georgia crawled out from under his bridge to slap a crying two year old, that wasn’t his, four times in the face to because her crying annoyed him. Now this week some angry white man gives a Black woman who happens to be an Army reservist a beatdown while her seven year old daughter and everybody else watched.

A man beat an Army reservist in front of a Morrow Cracker Barrel, yelling racial slurs at her as he kicked her in the head, Morrow police said. The assault happened in front of the woman’s 7-year old daughter, who stood there, crying, witnesses told police.

Morrow police arrested Troy Dale West of Poulan after reviewing a video surveillance tape and talking to customers. He was charged with battery, disorderly conduct and cruelty to children.The woman and her daughter were leaving the South Lake Plaza Drive restaurant last Wednesday around 7:30 p.m. as West was heading inside, Capt. James Callaway of the Morrow Police Department said.The restaurant doorway nearly struck the woman’s daughter, prompting her to tell West, “Sir, you almost hit my daughter with the door, could you please be careful,” Callaway said.West responded, telling the woman that she needed to watch her daughter and then began yelling racial slurs at her and kicking and punching her in the head, Callaway said. [click to read more]Now, I’d like to think that in a moment of temporary insanity this guy did what he did. Yeah, and once he realized what he did, he got his ass out of there quick fast and in a hurry. Well, either he was really hungry (those Cracker Barrel rolls are the shit, son!), or he didn’t really give a flying f*ck, because he went ahead like nothing happened and stuck around the restaurant. Thank God what he did was caught on tape so people and the police would believe her. I mean, you know angry Black women have been acting up on tennis courts lately and all.Currently this is being investigated and authorities are tight-lipped as to whether this constitutes a hate crime considering his use of racial slurs. Somehow I think given the fact that this happened at a Cracker Barrel and not one of those racist Denny’s restaurants from back in the day, the hate crime thing would be thrown out. You gotta love that Southern Hospitality that I spoke about this time last year. Somehow, this wasn’t the type of hospitality I had in mind, and I think this may not have happened at a Waffle house. Hell, it wasn’t that long ago (2004) that Cracker Barrel was wrapped up in a federal discrimination lawsuit in seven states. I doubt this story would gain any traction in the media like the current story being played out by Rush Limbaugh and company about the white kid who was beaten on the school bus by a group of Black kids. Also a deplorable act, but sadly, this one gets no play because, well, the victim is a Black woman?