How dare Jimmy Carter say that racism plays heavily into these protests against Obama! Jimmy Carter….”You Lie!”

Yeah, I’m gonna need someone to talk me down on this one because you know I agree with him, right? Surely he can’t be right about this and what he said about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and likening it to a system of apartheid like he did a few years ago, right? What is he a glutton for punishment? He took a lot of heat when he said what he said about Israel. What, is he trying to get kicked out of the country now? Surely he can’t be right about this one. Nope, all these protests are all about policy and not race, right?
I mean, yesterday Rush Limbaugh said in response to an article in Newsweek [read it here] which alluded to babies being born racist that “If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable, why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?” Surely Jimmy Carter didn’t get the memo as did Rush Limbaugh. Obviously Jimmy Carter doesn’t know that racism, and or racist behavior is acceptable all due in large part to this country having the first Black president, right?
Oh lord Jesus I can’t take this racism thing anymore. America is changing and I’m so confused. One minute we’re post-racial, and the next we’re not.
Now that racism is acceptable in America what is I’s gon’ do?Oh well, I guess I’m gonna jig like the rest of these Black republicans…Photobucket
Racism? If it ever be is, I ain’t be seen’t it!