BREAKING NEWS: Kanye West found hiding in Debo’s pigeon coop

Well, he appeared on Jay Leno and, apologized last night? Did you see how the audience cheered for him before and after the interview? Clearly these were not the same people who were on twitter the last few days as Renee at Womanist Musing shared [Read it here]. Everybody is talking about him getting help as if he’s hooked on crack or something. Sorry, but the only drug Kanye Kinte has been hooked on is fame and celebrity stardom. Though I can understand the loss of his mother weighing heavy on his heart and maybe, being used as an explanation for his behavior as explained over at The Sable Verity. His mother’s death is no excuse for his actions the other night.So no, I’m not buying the “take some time off” crap like he needs to go into some rehab clinic or run to Africa like Dave Chappelle. He needs to focus on his craft which is his music because at the end of the day, his music was the only positive thing that gave him the spotlight. He needs to go back to the lab and make beats again like he did when his jaws were wired shut after his near life ending car crash several years ago. The funny thing about all of this, is that Barack Obama called him a jackass. Why is this funny? Well, if he said Kanye “acted stupidly,” would “certain people” have been in an uproar and think Obama’s white side was racist for saying that? You know, kinda like how they played him out when his Black side called the recent actions of a certain police officer into question?

Call me harsh or an asshole, but I have no sympathy nor do I empathize with Kanye West. If you need somebody to empathize with or feel sorry for. Go with Caster Semenaya the 18yr old South African runner who as one idiot put it in a recent post: “she looks fucked up.” Yeah, that “fucked up” Black woman is now on suicide watch, now that the whole world knows that she’s a hermaphrodite. All due in large part to the media and the dummies who who never saw the underlying tones of racism as they put her out there to be a spectacle and less than human.