Ok, so it appears that the international community is pissed off at Russia right about now. Nobody gave a shit about Russia until they decided to “invade” Georgia last week. The last time anybody gave a damn about Russia was when Ivan Drago fought Rocky Balboa back in like, 1920. Or was that in the 80’s? Oh well, I don’t remember, but nobody has even really thought about them since that dude with the bird-shit stained forehead was their prime minister, and Ronald Reagan was the US president. So now, everybody is pissed because they decided to drop some bombs on Georgia. Yeah, lil ole Georgia. Well you know what? I’m glad that they did it. I don’t give a shit that they’re allies of the United States, or the fact that they sent troops to help kill people in Iraq. Nah, fuck that! None of that means anything to me. Whats important to me, is the fact that Georgia is responsible for all the bullshit music we hear on the radio and in music videos, and hence, the debauchery associated with Black culture. Frankly, I’m sick of all the bullshit coming out of Georgia that I’m glad Russia decided to step up and put and end to the crap. Somebody had to do it. I’ve never been to Georgia, but I think the place is over-rated. Maybe its just the inner New Yorker in me, but I don’t care that Atlanta is a budding metropolis in the south. The way I see it, all of them are country as hell. You don’t believe me? I think they still fly a confederate flag above the state capital. Like I said, I think they still do. I’ve never been to the place so I could be wrong. But I’ve heard of nothing but bad things about the ATL as its affectionately called. Black people who I’ve talked to who’ve been there always talk about it being a city of homosexuals, strip clubs and men and women with gold teeth. Hell, I’ve even been told that the white people there wear their hair braided, and sound like the Ying Yang Twins when they speak. Seriously, have you ever heard those guys speak outside of their stupid songs? I’ve seen them on BET once and it was embarrassing. And now for the last few years we’ve been tortured by a bunch of idiots claiming to be hip hop artists, all because of guys like that. I hate those clowns and I hope they feel the rath of the Kremlin. I don’t wanna get too deep and get death threats from some of you readers. But fuck it, some of the dumbing down we’ve been exposed to lately has come directly from Georgia. The US gov’t hasn’t done anything to change this, but thank God that the Russians are sick of the bullshit like I am. Lord knows, I don’t want this conflict to drag on as long as the war in Iraq. But I hope it lasts long enough to at least interrupt another Soulja Boy album, or even Jermaine Dupri; I’d be damned if he gets to marry Janet Jackson. What? I’m just sayin?!! Georgia is where Genarlow Wilson got a bum rap, and went to prison. Its pretty messed up when your country is known for all types of sexual misogyny, and bullshit, and Tyler Perry has to become a cross-dresser to bring positive images of black people to the mainstream. Last I heard, Bush sent Condoleeza Rice in to bring some diplomacy to the conflict. I’m not too happy about that, because she’s black, just like most of the citizens of Georgia. But then again, she sure could use a good weave, and some fly gear like the “real sistas”….


Maybe Georgia isn’t too bad after all.