Stuff White People Don’t Like: Educated Negroes and their Conspiracy Theories

As you can see I’m really making an effort to close the racial divide here in America. Personally, I think the only way we can come together and solve some of the issues surrounding race relations is to be honest in speaking on the subject. This is why I see it fit that I have an ongoing meme like the good folks over at Stuff Black People Don’t Like as they “educate” their readership on people of color, specifically black people. Sure some may say their site is racist, but I think they’re wrong. Like me, they’re just doing their part in helping to bridge the gap in race relations.

So anyway, Glenn Beck has been obviously trying to make amends with the sponsors he lost over his “Obama is racist,” comment a few months ago. Yep, so much so that last month he did a show featuring Black Conservatives. I’ve been holding off on posting my thoughts about the show having watched it twice, but I think I’m about due. Before I do that, I wanna touch on something that happened on his radio show the other day when a black listener called in. I’ll get to those Black Republicans a little bit later, but you gotta hear this first.

Check it out:

Now see, recently I wrote a post – Stuff White People Don’t Like: Other White People Bringing Up Slavery – where I showed you just how much credence is put into what this black caller said to Glenn Beck. Now see, if another white person would have said the very same thing, Beck would have been mad; yep, and he probably would have used some colorful language while live on air. Instead, did you notice his very first question to the caller who obviously took creative license to history with his revisionist approach?

Yep, Beck asked him where did he learn that, and I appreciate him going there because you know how much the gov’t has done to try and save these Negroes with that whole “No Child Left Behind” thing. Nice move Glenn; way to go showing that “brother” just how inferior his “intellect” actually was on the issue of slavery. How in the world would he know anything about slavery? Not only was slavery 400yrs ago, his ancestors never owned slaves like Glenn Beck’s did! The nerve of that caller with that conspiracy theorist crap!

But see, thanks to Beck this racist black man now understands the truth about the three-fifths clause written in the constitution back in the day. See if Beck allowed this guy to continue he would have lived the rest of his life with the idea that our ancestors were actually midgets and hence being considered three-fifths of a man because of their height, and not the color of their skin. Yep, let these so-called educated black dudes tell it, all the slaves brought from Africa were little people.

Of course you might think Glenn Beck is full of shit. Yeah, and so what it only took 700 years after the constitution was written before slaves were officially emancipated. What’s important was the intent of the framers of the constitution. Sure some of them owned slaves, and yes many of them were from the south, but does that really matter? What’s important is that they counted their black employees as three-fifths human because calling them midgets would have been very derogatory and dehumanizing. And in America we can’t have that sort of thing, can we? Uh-huh, but unlike Glenn Beck, let some of you tell it, it had something to do with taxation and congressional representation.