Drunk 4yr old breaks into neighbors home and steals Christmas presents

OK, this one isn’t funny, but I’m sorry, I laughed when I watched this:

Often there’s talk about absentee fathers in the black community, and this kid’s father is as white as the driven snow. Did you hear what the mother said about this kid purposely getting in trouble just so he can go to jail and be with his dad? Yep, from the looks of it absentee fathers can be a problem not exclusive to African Americans; somehow it’s never presented that way.

Uh-huh, and what’s up with him putting on a dress? Never mind, I forgot he was drunk. It must be pretty unnerving finding out that your 4yr old son is a cross dressing alcoholic thief just before Christmas. I’m just glad he had a beer and not a foil and a lighter toking away on some meth or some shit like that.