Stuff White People Don’t Like: Polar Bears, Eskimos & Rain Forests

I get the feeling that Black people don’t really give a damn about climate change unless it involves ashy legs and crusty lips. But I can’t overlook all the hype and the talk about Climate Change with the current talks over in Copenhagen. I mean after all, America’s first Black president even showed up over there bitching about how Global Warming has had an adverse effect on Jheri Curl wearing Negroes in California and Zimbabwe.

He even went as far as proposing $100 billion to give to help poor people in Third World countries in Africa to help them to grow snow, or some shit like that. Of course not everybody is happy about it, and just as you guessed, they’re white. I caught this episode of Hardball with Chris Mathews when it aired and I had to upload it and share. In this clip you’ll see a roundtable discussion hosted by Mathews with Democratic strategist Bob Crum, and America’s favorite angry white man Pat “I Love Black People” Buchanan.

Check it out:

Look, I don’t know the facts on this one, and for all I know Pat Buchanan may be right – I’m black remember? Yep, Black people and science don’t go too good together. But I gotta admit, it’s entertaining watching white folks argue on television especially when Pat Buchanan is involved. No seriously, every-time I hear he’s gonna be on any show on TV I tune in. I tune in because something tells me that if I don’t I’ll miss out on seeing him have a heart attack or brain aneurysm live on air.

However, according to these the folks over at National Geographic, Pat Buchanan and crew are wrong on this one. And since they were my first source of pornography with those topless African tribeswomen when I was a kid. Let’s just say that I’m willing to go with their facts on the issue of Global Warming than I am of some angry white dude on my TV. At the end of the day we’ll see if anything becomes of the talks over in Copenhagen over the last two weeks. Forget the rain forests in lesser developed countries, right Pat?

QUESTION: How concerned are you about Climate Change?