Reporting Live From The Crack House

My wife and I were just talking not too long ago about how we’ve cut back on viewing cable news channels. I swear, I can only take so much of the shit every damn day. Whatever happened to news stories like “Man bites dog”. Some shit like that, instead of what the hell is going on with the economy, Wall Street, Obama, and Republicans, would be a welcome for me. I’m also sick of all the racially slanted pieces. Ok, so Obama won, I get it Don Lemon, its history. Damn, do I need to see you do a story every weekend about some unnoticed Black first?

Here’s a story for you Don, do a story or expose on all the Black men like me who are tired of this shit. CNN canceled D.L. Hughley, isn’t it time that they follow suit? No. Instead, they’re coming out with Black in America II in a couple months. What are they going to do different than last time? Probably nothing but show us the edits from the last episode. Hell, they never offered any solutions the last go around. The way I feel right this very moment as I type this, I don’t know if I’m going to even watch it. Now, unless they show me a clip of Soledad O’Brien reporting live from inside a crack house, which just might change things for me. That’s right Soledad, do a story from inside a crack house, and be sure that the dealers and patrons are White.

I mean shit! Make the news interesting for a change. Hell, tell me how the economy has benefited the hood. You know, show me a piece on “Big Shirley” and how she’s making a killing boosting the latest gear from the mall. Or maybe how hard it has been for drug dealers; you know, with everybody out of work, as a feel good piece? Yeah CNN, shit like that. Fuck it, if you really wanna reel me back in, g’head and convince Dave Chappelle to be an anchor. Shit, at least make a brotha laugh every once in a while during this madness. Hell, tell Brittney Spears to drop a kid again or wear no panties or sumthin’?!

I tell you one thing, I’m so glad this pirate shit is over. Yes, I’m happy that they rescued Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship enterprise; thank you lord Jesus! For the last month it seemed like all they would ever talk about on the news were pirates. Do you want to know why? It’s because they’re Black; what else? Black men get a bad rap in the news, and it would appear that being a pirate is another illustration of how this happens. The funny thing about this is that I just read a report which said that watching the news pretty much reinforces stereotypes and negative perceptions of Black people. And here we are now, after this latest pirate escapade, a brother can’t even walk into a Red Lobster or Long John’s Silver without looking more suspect than before.

I think its bullshit that these pirates have gotten a bad rap. Hell, Johnny Depp made millions being a pirate, and nobody said anything. But when Somali’s do the same thing? Pirates are all of a sudden bad. What’s worse about the coverage is that now they have every American hating pirates. Not just that, but they never showed any news pieces which would explain what’s happening in Somalia. Nope, they won’t tell the American people that the U.S. gov’t used the C.I.A. with the blessings of the UN, to overthrow the Islamic gov’t they had about a decade ago in the whole bullshit war on terror. They never tell the American public that European companies have been dumping toxic waste in Somali seas, and pillaging the shores for $300 million worth of seafood every year.

But as soon as this shit jumped off, they conveniently threw in a possible Al Queda link to scare the shit out of people. All of this while there is no gov’t in Somalia to protect its seas and people from the theft of one of its natural resources and way of life; which is fishing. Instead of those facts being provided to the public, the story of their terrorist activities are being exploited, only because they hijacked an American ship. You know what? Now that I think of it, Don Lemon should continue showing those positive Black firsts. Maybe if he continues to do so, White America would forget that we do more than corner the market on crime. Yeah, and maybe a brotha can eat a piece of fish in public without getting the side eye from folks who the media has left an impression on.

Now you tell me…

Who are the real pirates?