Haters Wanna Hate, Lovers Wanna Love, I Don’t Even Want, None Of The Above

Ronald Reagan was known as the great communicator. According to hardliner republicans, George W. Bush was the great liberator, and with the events of today via the Tea Party Protests, Barack Obama can be dubbed the great motivator. Yes, it would appear that Obama has the uncanny ability to motivate a few crazies in this country.

Howard Zinn, one of the greatest historical scholars in this country once said, “Dissent is the highest form of patriotism,” and he was so correct. Personally, I’m all about and for any activism of a positive nature to affect change, but I find it ridiculous that the election of a Black man has many fellow Americans up in arms…literally.

Not only do we have citizens protesting today about runaway spending, DHS (Department of Homeland Security) has released a report warning of increased right-wing extremist groups. You know, those crazy right-wing white supremacists etc.? Yeah, Barack Obama with his audacity to hope and seek change, has surely done that; he has brought out the loons that’s for sure. My thing is, where were all of these people when this country was going down the tubes via runaway spending by the Bush administration on the war in Iraq? You know, the war that was influenced by that inconvenient truth or weapons of mass destruction? Well, they were pretty quiet then, and the only destruction, coupled with right-wing ideologically influenced financial industry deregulation, were the economy, and our asses.

How come there were no Tea Parties then? How come all of a sudden, there are a few nutjobs parading as patriots in an attempt to “take back the country”? Well, the answer is simple: many of them are all being influenced by a bunch of conservative sore losers who are still pissed having lost the presidential election. Yes, and since the party has no current or viable leadership, they are being heavily influenced by profiteers of the right-wing media, parading as journalists. Yes, these events have been heavily promoted on Fox News Network; go figure. I’m guessing that today’s events all across the country are the Ying to the Yang that was Obama’s victory. He has inspired many of us to become a part of the political process, and become more active in our communities. Equally, he has indirectly inspired a large number of our misguided ill informed patriots as well.

Well, since I’m not one to miss out on all the fun, I’ve decided to do my form of protest today as well. Uh huh, RiPPa is also a patriot. Yes, I’m not going to protest by having a “Tea Party” screaming against taxation without representation (umm, aren’t we represented based on our vote via elected officials?). I’m going to run around with my man R. Kelly. Yes, we’ll be scouring our great nation today, and possibly for the rest of the week. Yes, we’ll be hosting “Pee Parties” to protest the “Tea Parties”. Yup, we’re going to attend all these silly “Tea Parties” and pee on all these idiots who are now motivated by the election of Americas first Black president. Uh huh, me and the Pied Piper will be flying around in the G4 making it rain on these fools…literally. Like I said, I’m all about being a patriot and speaking truth to power, but this crap must be disrupted, and yes, me and R. Kelly are going to be the ones to do it. Trust me, nothing will break up a crowd quicker than being peed on in public. How’s that for dissent, activism, and patriotism?

Will you join me?