A week ago when I watched the opening ceremony of the olympics, I was a little bit intimidated. When all those chinese faces, were on my TV screen, it kinda freaked me out. There was not one black face, and it was then I remembered that there are 1.3 billion chinese people in china. That’s a 1/3rd of the worlds population. That means if they wanted to make a move on us here in the US, we’d be fucked. I don’t care how much you think “we’re the best in the world.” Trust me, we don’t want it with the chinese; they’ll fuck us up if we went to war. Besides, they’re kicking our ass in Gold Medals at the olympics this year. I guess that’s the way white people felt after hearing the news last week. There was a news release which revealed that by the year 2042, whites would no longer be the racial majority here in the US. If I were white, upon hearing this, I’d probably be afraid. I’d probably go out and get the best of my white entitlement while I can. Lets be real, 2042 is gonna get here real fast, and you don’t wanna be lord forbid, a white person being held down by those colored folks after all those years of racial inequality.

Suddenly as a white person, I’d have to depend on Affirmative Action to get jobs. The same Affirmative Action that some of you now have thought to be racist when they were the majority. I don’t know about you, but just the thought of that makes me giggle. I sincerely hope that I’m alive to see this happen in America. I’d like to be around to write blogs about white on white crime, dead beat white daddies, welfare white mommas, and most importantly, the ongoing increased incarceration of white men. I promise you, that stuff would make for good TV. You know, kinda like the same way the cooning associated with blacks are in the mainstream media right now. Lord knows, we need to see more white men on the Maury Povich Show.

When you really think about it, if this shit happens, its gonna change the game alot. Not saying that racism would be erased; our nation is en-grained with centuries of racism and there’s no way its just gonna go away even then once whites are the minority. But I doubt you’d see whites lynched and hanging from trees, a march on Washington for equality, or maybe even the NAAWP. But they may have the Suburban League, or the KKK may be forced to change their name to the White Panthers to fight racial injustice. Whats scary, is the fact that by white people being a minority, they’ll be able to have a legitimate claim on Hip Hop culture. Nobody would be able to tell their story better than them. That would be fucked up because by then, if you’re a black rapper, you’ll be considered a wannabe.

Don’t worry white people, per the study, there’ll be less black people than whites. You guys won’t have to worry about black people getting their revenge for all the years of the dominance of white supremacy. Nope, never that. However, you guys have to worry about all those hispanics who you’ve tried to keep out over the last few years. They’re the ones most likely to have you folks reduced to having to sell oranges under the freeway, working in meat packing plants, or maybe even picking cotton in rural Mississippi. Don’t worry about us blacks. We’re gonna continue killing each other, and perpetuating that self hate you’ve so effectively have trained us to do. We’ll still be us, but you won’t be “you”.

If I were you guys, I’d start fucking without condoms, and having more babies. Do like us and have them out of wedlock. Take chances with AIDS/HIV infections all in an attempt to keep hope alive for your survival. Black people do it now, so why can’t you. Hell, I’d probably even make amends with Mexicans. Fuck it, build them a huge theme park in Mexico, and give them clean water, so they’ll wanna stay or even go back home. That should probably buy you some time while you guys build that fence along the border. But then if you’re really fearful of those hispanics. You can always start marrying and having kids with black women, and creating those hybrids. Nobody is marrying them right now anyway. Might as well be you. That way you guys can go back and change that one drop rule to conveniently protect yourselves. Its about time you guys stopped that hillbilly inbreeding thing anyway.

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QUESTION: How do you feel about the projections for 2042? What significant changes would there be if any? Does the news leave you fearful or hopeful?