Remember when back in the day, they had the Scared Straight programs? They would have shows on TV where they’d take teenage kids to prison and have prisoners expose them to the harsh realities of life behind bars. This was supposed to be a deterrent, for kids to go on and live productive lives as citizens. I don’t know if those programs ever worked, or could be considered a failure. But I do know that there are more people behind bars in this country than anywhere else in the world. Its either people just don’t know how to act, or they missed those scared straight shows when they were kids. SIDENOTE: In this country black men are over represented in the prison system relative to white men. Its time for us to stop assuming that this is a direct result of racism. Could it not be that all the black men in prison grew up in homes without a television, and hence we not able to see those scare straight programs?I’ve never been to prison, but I’ve been to jail before. It wasn’t that bad; they had cable TV. I wasn’t there long enough to witness any rapes or anything. I assume if prison is anything like the county jail when I was there, those guys are having a good time. Maybe thats why they’re that many people in prison? Its a fun place, maybe they like it? Maybe the gov’t knows something we don’t know? Hmmmm….? Lately, I’ve been good, and I’ve not commited any crimes. So I don’t worry about jail or prison as much. But I occasionally catch the show “Lock Up” on MSNBC. Its a pretty cool show. Its kinda like the grown mans version of those scared straight programs. This show exposes you to the harsh realities of being in prison in no other way ever seen on TV. Some of the people on the show…you know, the prisoners? They’ll scare the shit outta you, and remind you that murder, rape, child molestation etc. isn’t a good option for one in life. Having to spend a great portion of your life in a place where some of the most hardened criminals reside has to have an effect on you. I don’t know what the effect is, but I know I damn sure don’t wanna find out.I was reminded of this the other night when I was watching the show, and they featured one of the coldest cats I’ve seen on the show. His name was Fleece Johnson, and he’s an inmate in some correctional facility in the state of Kentucky. I don’t remember what he did to get there, but I know he’s been there a long ass time. If I’m not mistaken he’s been there since the 70’s. In his interviews, he described some of the really hard shit he’s done to people since being in prison. He’s known to terrorize correctional officers, and inmates alike. Well, at least thats what he said about himself. I thought he was just bullshitin and trying to be hard, as all locked up muthafuckas do. But then I saw this interview on him last night that showed me differently.CHECK THIS OUT….

After seeing this, I was dying laughing. Not that it isn’t a scary thought having some guy like him ass rape you. But rather at how matter of fact the dude was about it. In no uncertain terms, he let us know what being a man in prison was about. being away from pussy for years is nothing. There are many muthafuckas who are free who ain’t had no pussy in years….
But not being able to compromise on the booty??!!
Thats some fucked up shit!!!
Any man in prison who tells you that gettin “the booty”, is more important that water, is a scary muthafucka to be around. And just think, he’s one person; there are many more like him. As a man, If this clip doesn’t wanna make you be a good citizen, then I don’t know what will. In my opinion, they should take Fleece Johnson on a tour of high schools around the country. He should be one of the speakers for career day. If he doesn’t motivate young men to go to college and live productive lives, then I’d say there’s no hope for the future of America. If you have son’s, I’d urge you to be sure they watch this clip. Show it to them, and re-inforce the fact that being perceived as a punk in the streets ain’t shit. Its when you’re in prison its important.
Shout out to Fleece Johnson…
A true American hero, that I hope I never meet.