I’ve been meaning to get Erykah Badu’s latest offering. I like her music, but I love the subject matter of her songs more than anything. She’s a positive force as for the upliftment of the sistas out there. I love her unique style, and her love for hip hop, and the way she represents it, gives me erections. Hip hop is often seen as a man’s sport, but it excites me when I see women embrace it. My wife recently fell in love with Lupe Fiasco’s CD “The Cool”. She even called me from work one day to tell me how much she loved it. She almost never listens to hip hop, so just hearing her go on about the CD made me feel good. This might sound stupid, but as a man, as far as sexual attraction to Erykah Badu, I have none. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a beautiful sista and all (I love her piercing eyes), but she just doesn’t have that Beyonce, Alicia Keys type of appeal to me. But before you people come at me with the hate in your blood, for the record, I don’t think she’s ugly. Miss me with that bullshit in your comments. She’s a beautiful black woman, but if I were single, rich and famous and had the chance to hit it…I probably wouldn’t. Actually, I know I wouldn’t. You see, I think Erykah Badu has the best pussy in the world, and frankly, it scares me. I’ve had my share of some good sex, but I’m afraid having sex with her would be a whole other ball of wax. Look at all the cats she’s knowingly been with. She got with Andre 3000 from Outkast, and she turned that nigga out. Look at how fuckin weird he started to dress after he got a piece of that pussy. The dude started wearing turbans and shit. Love in itself will have a man doing some stuff he cant explain. But ain’t no nigga is about to look like the Taliban out of love. He did that shit because of the pussy. Yes it was that powerful. They even had a kid together. I cant remember if it was a boy or girl, but I know they named the kid Seven.Then she got with Common, and he got all weird and shit too. They was supposed to get married after they had a kid, but I don’t know what happened. He was fucked up and weird acting for a while. Shit, he just got back to being himself last year. See what good pussy does?The shit is really scary man. And now I hear she’s pregnant with a third child by some producer cat in the industry. I don’t know who he is, but I’m sure his ass got turned ot too. What bothered me after hearing she was pregnant again, is the fact that she’s three kids, and three baby daddies deep. “Why should that bother you RiPPa, she’s an independent Black woman?”Sure she’s an independent black woman. A sucessful one at that. But even so, she still has three kids by three different dudes, and is unmarried.“Well that ain’t your business RiPPa!”You’re right, its none of my business, and my concern should not be about or for her. I understand that, trust me. But my concern is not actually her. Its the however many women who are sitting at home singing “Call Tyrone” and loving her, who are in the same predicament. Yeah, you know, the sistas who unlike her are not rich, but are unmarried with multiple kids by multiple men. You know the chicks I’m talking about, right? The ones that everybody calls trifflin. You know the ones that dudes and females alike refer to as hoes? Yeah, thats who my concern is for. You know, the regular people.While some of these women sit around bashing men, and their irresponsibility, they almost always fail to hold themselves accountable for their decisions, or choices. Its never them, but rather some no good man who was the problem. Well folks, we’re all grown, and we know thats not exactly true. There are many women who play a major role in their own demise. But let them tell it, its all Tyrone’s buddy’s fault. Really? Is it Tyrone’s buddy’s fault?? Shit, Tyrone’s homie got put out remember? He moved on just like you did. I don’t know how he’s doing these days, but hopefully he didn’t do like you and have three or four kids by different women. Hopefully, Tyrone’s buddy got his shit together after he left, even if the pussy was that good. Hopefully, Tyrone’s buddy now has a great job, making mad loot and paying his own way into the club, while you’re stuck at home without a babysitter.As people we idolize celebrities, and are drawn to them. We often see ourselves in them. They almost always have a rags to riches story which gives us hope. But we almost always forget that they’re people just like us. They eat, breathe and shit just like we do. The only difference, they have more money. So while you idolize them, sing their songs, and wanna be them…don’t forget that you’re really not that different. You may not have Erykah Badu money or her problems. But you may have three kids and three different baby daddies, and that in itself ain’t cool. Hopefully, you didn’t name one of your kids Adidas or some weird shit like that.Don’t ya wish he never called Tyrone?