Did you people happen to hear about the in Milwaukee? I was reluctant to blog about this before now. But this week, it seems so appropriate. Yeah, a few weeks ago in Milwaukee, there were a bunch of people who showed up at the Welfare Office at 3am and formed a line. Apparently, there was some two for one give-a-way or something. Or so they thought. It was reported that they had to send 34 squad cars (police cars for you slow folks) to break up fights, and implement crowd control. I’m kinda glad that this story didn’t create a big buzz. The last thing black people need are images of us fighting on the news for Food Stamps. We’re just now getting over that Hurricane Katrina looting stuff in New Orleans. Sure there are more white people on welfare than black people, but you’d never know because of all the racist stereotypes that permeate our society. I could see the headlines now…Image Hosted by
“UNRULY BLACKS RIOT FOR FOODSTAMPS”Uh huh, as a proud black man myself, that would be embarrasing. But hey, I’d probably be pissed at the fact that it happened in Milwaukee rather than here in Memphis. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but food prices are crazy these days. My black ass would have been first in line. I would’ve probably slept outside the welfare office like all blacks do in this country. But this isn’t really a sign of the economy. It turns out that it was announced that the state was gonna be taking extra applications for food vouchers in the wake of the recent flooding in Milwaukee or some shit like that. Once again, black people got it wrong as all they heard was FREE FOOD STAMPS.So why am I even bringing this all up? Well, because its been bugging me. You see, even though that story didn’t get much coverage (for which I’m glad), it was still reported and pictures of the mellee were released showing all black people lined up around the building and acting unruly. Whereas this week, white people have been lining up trying to get their money out of the banks out in California. Image Hosted by
On the news, they’ve shown white people patiently lined up and waiting to withdraw their money. Some of them even had fuckin lounge chairs! The black people in Milwaukee didn’t think of that now did they? No wonder they were pissed off and unruly…their feet hurt.Yesterday there was a press release which alluded to the racial divide in this country. According to the release: There is still a racial divide in this country despite the progress made by blacks. Duh! Well no shit Sherlock!! Most people in this country don’t even have regular contact with people of other races at work. And trust me, thats where we spend most of our time. Forget about that shit, everytime I turn on my local news, the first thing I see are the mugshot pictures of black men, along with stories of their arrest. They really need to do something about that. Taxpayers pay good money, but the cops aren’t properly trained to catch white criminals. You’d think our tax dollars were better spent in police training. But hey, thats a different blog for a different day.President Bush said this week that the economy is growing. He also said that he wasn’t an economist. I’m no economist either, but I can surely look around and see whats happening. Its obvious that Bush isn’t too smart now is he. “I’m not an economist…I’m an optimist.” – George BushWell, I’ll be damned. Boy am I glad he cleared that up. All this time I thought he was a circus clown! The economy is jacked up. Inflation is at a 17yr high. People are losing jobs. More people are sucking dick for gas. And George Bush says that the economy is growing. Sure Mr. Bush, its growing alright. America is the land of opportunity, and I’m guessing those white people withdrawing their money from the bank are opportunists as well. I’m guessing they’re withdrawing their money so they can buy foosstamps from those unruly negroes in Milwaukee. I mean, why else would they? White people don’t qualify for foodstamps now do they.