You people might look at the guys in the picture and laugh. Well, when I first saw this pic I laughed too. But after a while I saw something that wasn’t funny. Actually, I saw something that could be beneficial to the black community. You look at that pic and see two black guys wearing skirts. I look at the pic and I see the cure for AIDS/HIV as it affects black women in the black community. According to the “numbers”, the black community (in America) is in dire straits when it comes to HIV infection and AIDS cases. Supposedly, more black people die from AIDS than any other ethnic group in America. This also means that more black women die from AIDS than any other ethnic group as well.
Recently, the rise in AIDS cases among black women has been blamed on black men who are “on the down low”. I’m sure by now you’ve heard of it, and I’m sure you’ve heard some stories about it. Its become somewhat of an epidemic to the point where women have to be careful of the black men they date. They are more cautious about black men who are secretly sleeping with other men, more than any other time in history. And all it took for this to happen, was for one black man writting a book about his exploits and going on Oprah to talk about it a few years ago. Before that happened, this was never something women even took issue with. Women were secure with the black man, and the only thing he was ever suspect of, was having a criminal record and having more than one “baby momma”. But nowadays, black women have to worry about whether Jamaal who’s been locked up before ever took it up the ass, and liked it.
If you believe the numbers, you’d have to agree that the problem is getting worse. And that my friend is the reason why I say the pic above is actually a cure for the problem. Now, allow me to explain. Assuming that from looking at those dudes that they’re gay, its easy to conclude that if you’re a woman, you would not have sex with them. I mean, its common knowledge that HIV/AIDS is easily transmitted by gay men and drug addicts who use needles. So knowing that, its safe to assume that a heterosexual woman would think twice about having sex with a guy wearing a skirt. See where I’m going with this now? Yup, we need to get the gov’t to pass a law requiring all men who engage in homosexual activity to wear skirts. Uh huh, if that would happen there would be a decline in HIV/AIDS infections among black women. I know, genius right?!! Thats what needs to happen to save our women.

Why should black women have to assume any responsibility for contracting HIV? The blame should all fall on the man, right? Lets be honest, black women aren’t mature enough, or responsible enough to have protected sex, and the blame and responsibility should rest on the shoulder of the black man. Lets be real here, black men just aren’t honest, and the only way to protect black women is to make black men wear skirts and dresses! That way, if a woman chooses to knowingly have sex with a guy wearing a skirt and contract HIV there’ll be no excuses. She knew right? Conversely, a guy who gives a woman HIV, and fails to wear a skirt, all the while hiding the fact that he has or had sex with men, should be locked away in jail. I mean its only right, its only fair. Nevermind wearing condoms, or women not giving up the pussy to black men who refuse to wear a condoms. Damn right, forget about that shit! Its more important to know the other person’s sexual preferences than protect yourself aint it? To sum it up, its about excuses and not reasons. Black people rather have an excuse for dying, than a reason to live. If the numbers are right, thats what I think.

What do you think?