Have you ever seen those commercials on TV for the pill called EXTENZE? Its a commercial for a male enhancement pill, that’s supposed to increase a man’s size, as the commercial says…”Down there.” Allegedly, by taking this pill, your penis is gonna grow, and hence get larger. Now, I don’t know if the pill works or not because I haven’t tried it personally. But I’d be interesting to see the stock information for the company that produces it. Chances are, their stock is only worth $1.75. Lets be real, if the pill worked everybody would be talking about it. Not only that, it would be dispensed by prescription only. But luckily for the impulsive, desparate, or the idiots who buy everything they see on TV, they’ll give you a weeks worth of pills for free if you call. I’m 37yrs old, and if there was a pill I could take for only one week to make my dick bigger, I doubt I’d be able to get my hands on it. If there was a pill that effective, after only taking it for a week, chances are everybody would be taking it, and quite naturally, either it would be scarce, or cost at least $50 per pill. The other funny thing about the commercials are the testimonials. What a bunch of fake crap if ever. In the commercials, the Extenz people comb the streets to find users of the pill. Surprisingly, they always seem to find happy customers. Really? I bet I can take a camera and walk around the city of Memphis, and not find a single user. But then again, this city is 70% black, and you know what they say about black men and their sex organ…anything more than 4 inches is just too fat. At any rate, these folks patrol the street with a camera and mic in tow to seek the testimonials of unsuspecting users. The real funny thing about this, is that the men they speak to are almost always white. So much for myths huh. Not only that, they never interview or ask a younger guy. The men are always some old looking middle age child molester look-a-like, and as expected, they all say the pill has worked. The guys asked always seem to have a female companion at their side who are always used for confirmation. Not a bad idea. Most women lie to their men anyway when it comes to sex; its only natural for her to tell him his lil shriveled up dick got bigger. Sure it has? But when you look at the women, they’re always some hot looking young chick. Have you ever noticed that shit? Thats the way they market products to stupid men. They always use hot models. Just like they do with condoms dispensed in those bathroom machines. There’s alway a picture of a hot chick on the machine, to draw dudes in. Thats bullshit. If they were smart, they’s put a picture of an ugly pregnant chick on it. I bet that’ll boost sales. But ExtenzE is an effective pill minus the bullshit infomercials and commercials on TV. Its so effective that the FDA has chosen to bypass giving it their stamp of approval. Either that, or everybody who works for the FDA has a big penis. You ladies reading this probably won’t care too much about this. Nor probably have given this much thought, but I’m sure your man has. While you’re curled up with your man watching TV one night, and this commercial comes on, you should test him. You should tell him that you thought about ordering it for him and see what he says. I’m pretty sure later that night you’ll have the best sex you’ve had in a long time. Hell, he might even pop a viagra and drink a Redbull before he breaks you off.CHECK IT OUT….