I’ve never been to Mexico, nor have I ever had any desire to go there as an adult. When I was younger, thanks to “The Love Boat” episodes, I wanted to go to Acopulco. I always thought that it was a cool sounding place, and stepping off the love boat as a tourist there meant that I was rich. But outside of that, I’m not feeling that country. Outside of my friend who is now in prison for drug trafficking, I don’t personally know anybody who’s been to the place. And his only reason for going was to bring back pounds of weed. Not exactly the tourist thing to do, so I declined his invitation to make a run down there with him. But I watch alotta TV, so the only thing I know about Mexico is that the water sucks. You always hear somebody giving the old “Don’t drink the water in Mexico” advice. I dunno who was the first guy to visit Mexico from America and died from drinking the water, but I suspect that it has happened. Maybe it was years ago it happened, but you’d think that those Mexicans would’ve fixed that shit by now.
Last week I went to Indiana & Kentucky for a few days. I used to live of there a few years ago and it had been about 2yrs since I was there last. Needless to say, I was excited to visit the old stomping grounds. Not only that, I was picking up my 14yr old daughter for the summer so that made it extra cool. When I made my first stop in Kentucky after the 6hr drive at my ex’s house, I asked for a glass of cold water. After the 2nd gulp, I thought that the water was fuckin nasty as hell. Unlike some people, I love drinking water from the tap. None of that bottled shit for me buddy. Those things come from the mountain springs and they have Bear shit and particles of lost dead hikers in it. So I prefer to stick to tap water where I know they use chlorine to kill the germs from all turds and old bath water. But this glass of water was really nasty and had an after taste.

My next stop was at a friends house in Indiana. I asked for a glass of water, and bingo…same nasty ass water. It was cold, but nasty. I was kinda puzzled because I had know drank 2 glasses of water in two different states and they were funky tasting. I don’t have a GPS system in my car but I swore I took a wrong turn and was in Mexico. I mean, I don’t remember the water ever tasting like that when I used to live there 4yrs ago. The funny thing, is that when I 1st moved to Memphis I thought the water had a nasty taste unlike the great water in Indiana and Kentucky. I doubt it was just me because my wife said the same thing about the tatse. Now I’m back in Memphis and I know that it was no fluke because the water here tastes great. I was even told that the water here comes from a spring. I don’t know how true that is, but it damn sure doesn’t taste like it comes from the nasty Mississippi River.
I haven’t heard much talk from any of the candidates for president about illegal immigration. I really don’t know their take on it, but I’d be interested in hearing how they can fix it. Those people are fleeing Mexico seeking better lives here in America. They’re fleeing Mexico because there’re better jobs here and they can make more money. Thats what the media tell us. Personally, I think they’re just jumping the border to be able to drink better water. Yeah, I’m sure by now they’ve gotten text messages from relatives telling them just how much better the agua is here. I mean why else would a guy leave his country to come here and pluck chickens in a food processing plant? It damn sure ain’t because he loves smelling chicken shit. it has to be that nasty ass Mexican water we’ve always been hearing about.
We currently have an oil crisis, and gas is costing us out the ass, and there’s no end in sight for all of this. Mexico has oil, but yet we import most of our oil and gas from Canada. That sounds ass backwards to me. Our problem is not with Canada, its with oil and Mexico. I say its time we forget about building a fence. Yup. Instead of a fence or deportation, we should cut Canada off, and start importing oil from Mexico along with their dirty water. We’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone. Mexico would have more of our dollars; the people would become better off economically, and the illegal Mexicans here would go back home because the water here sucks. In the end, we’ll all be happy.