For a long time, the coolest reality show on TV for was “COPS”. Not that I like seeing people go to jail in particular. Its just that human tragedy often offers something for me to laugh at. Yeah I know that sounds sick, but there’s always something funny in every situation. Its not only humorous, but educational as well. You see, if there’s something to learn from “COPS” is that people don’t know their constitutional rights. This is evident when I see people on this show who run their mouths when pulled over or picked up by the police.

As a matter of fact, most people incriminate themselves and they don’t even know it.

OFFICER:”Do you know why I pulled you over?”

IDIOT:”Yeah, I was speeding officer my bad.”

OFFICER:”So you don’t mind if I search your car do you?”

IDIOT:”No I don’t officer, go right ahead, that beer in the can is from last night.”

Now if you have 100lbs of weed and 50 kilos of cocaine in your car, why on earth would you consent to a search? Clearly, people don’t realize that they have the right to say “NO I DO NOT CONSENT TO A SEARCH!” By invoking this right with that statement means that they cannot run thru your shit like they do. And in doing so, you wont have a pissed off drug dealer trying to kill you for losing all his dope. You’ll really lose cool points with your dope dealer if you don’t know your rights. But hey, people talk too much.

Not that I’m against snitching or anything. But hell, 100lbs of coke just didnt get into your car by accident. Lemme guess, you got into the wrong car when you left the mall today? You knew what the fuck you were doing, and when you got caught, you had the right to remain silent. Just shut the fuck up and ask for an attorney. You don’t have to say shit to incriminate yourself. Don’t make their jobs easier, make them earn their keep. Besides, the idea behind criminal activity is to NOT get caught. But most criminals are idiots and ignorant to their basic rights. Honestly, this is why so many brothas go to jail. They lack knowledge of their basic rights. But yet they run around frontin hardcore, get caught up and cry like bitches. Then you see them on MSNBC’s “Lockup” dcumentary being proud of being in “the hole” in segregation for 12 months. Dude is hard, he throws feces at prison guards, but he was just on TV crying like baby last year.

Just like those dudes you see on “The First 48”. If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know. Its a show where cops try and solve homicides within the first 48hrs of the crime. Most of the dudes that get caught on there get broken down and cry like babies. Yup, the same dudes who were listenin to Tupac, smoking weed and talking about thug life while loading clips. I just think shit like that is funny to me. They get in the interrogation room and start talking when all they have to say is I wanna speak to an attorney. Upon saying that, the interview is over. But yet they spill their guts and their words are often used against them in convictions. When I see these dudes break down crying I think its funny and I laugh my ass off. What’s even funnier is that these cats sign a waiver allowing the footage of themselves to be released. Crying in the interrogatin room is the last thing I want my homies around the way to see from me.

As much as I love those shows. And as much humor they provide me. I can’t help but to think of how racist they are. They’re mostly taped in large cities, but for some reason, most of the accused are always minorities. hardly do I ever see an episode on “The First 48” where somebody white is the perpetrator. I’m guessing in those cities there just aren’t any white people who commit murder. I mean, thats what I’d have to conclude if I saw the show for the first time after landing here from Mars. Either that, or that white criminals, specifically murderers are just smarter. But then again, they’ve sure had some dumb white criminals on “COPS” over the years.