Black Man Joins the Klu Klux Klan – Score One for Post-Racial America with Another Black First in Los Angeles of All Places

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it’s official: post-racial America is the shit! OK yeah, so I know we’ve had some not so good moments of post-racialness here in these United States since the election of Barack Obama. Yes, I know this, and yes we’re only 7 months in to this “new world” of ours. But alas, just when we needed a sign to promote hope and change I bring you the story of another Black first. Yes, and while you’re probably still steaming over the recent Philly pool incident or the smart Negro encounter with the Cambridge Massachusetts police department, I bring to you Michael Hunt.

You see it seems that Michael Hunt (dammit if the Negro doesn’t have a cool name…Mike Hunt) recently sued the city of Los Angeles in Federal Court to challenge their vending ordinace. I don’t know what his beef was or what’s the deal with the vending ordinance. But I do know that Mike won. Yes, he won his lawsuit and was victorious to the tune of $264, 000. Oh yeah, Mike is Black and that in itself was a moral victory by taking on the city in Federal Court and winning; shit like that doesn’t happen to brothers too often.

Well, given the recent troubles in California as far as balancing it’s budget and the city of L.A. having to pay for Michael Jackson’s funeral. It would appear that the city of Los Angeles, being down and out as it is, cannot afford to pay Mr. Hunt, so they’ve appealed the Federal Court ruling.

Needing his money as any Negro in America, Mike decided to protest at a public hearing:

LOS ANGELES — A protester dressed up in a Ku Klux Klan outfit made a third appearance at the Los Angeles City Council Friday in what has turned into a test for city officials about how far people can take their First Amendment rights in city council chambers.

Hunt, an African American, recently won a $260,000 settlement against the city challenging its vending ordinance in federal court as a violation of his rights. Instead of paying Hunt, though, the city has appealed the decision.

Hunt claims the reason the city hasn’t paid him is racially motivated. He says wearing the KKK outfit is his way of exercising his First Amendment rights to protest the city’s decision not to pay him.

City council members pointed out Friday that the First Amendment does have its limits, and in this case they say Hunt crossed the line.

“In an abstract way, there is no limitation on you wearing a mask and that outrageous and offensive garb. But if it has a disruptive effect that goes into the area of action, we will have you removed,” City Councilman Eric Garcetti told Hunt.

Hunt didn’t put his mask back on for the remainder of the meeting.

On Wednesday, City Council chambers went dark early after Hunt refused to remove his white robe and hood before speaking.

“Mr. Hunt, you’re going to have to remove your hood,” Councilman Dennis Zine, who was the presiding officer, told Hunt twice.

“Are you refusing to remove your hood? … Mr. Hunt, we can’t hear you. Remove your hood.”

Hunt refused to remove the garb, citing his First Amendment rights.

When three African American councilmembers left — apparently out of disgust — the council floor was lost, ending the discussion.

Zine told KTLA he believes the latest stunt may be an attempt to sue the city again over a violation of his First Amendment rights.

“In this day and age, no one should be wearing that attire. No one should come to a public meeting wearing that attire and offend not only the councilmembers but the general public,” Zine said.

The city council is now looking at adopting rules that would allow them to remove anyone who is disruptive during meetings, or wearing disruptive clothing such as Hunt’s.[source]And just think, you people thought “Clayton Bigsby” was just a figment of Dave Chappelle’s imagination. OK yeah, so you guys may think what he did was a bit House Negro-ish like [like this person], and I can understand why. But I have to give the brother his props for such an ingenious stunt.

I’m sayin’ him being a Black man and having the guts to pull something like that off should be commended. As a matter of fact, I think we need a stamp in his honor. Wouldn’t that be cool? Talk about a first: a Black man in a Klan outfit on a U.S. postal stamp. How’s that for Black History?

Mike Hunt is my hero for today; he didn’t have a lunch counter sit in, nor did he march in the hot sun holding a sign. Mike got dressed in a Klan outfit and took it to city hall; and, he refused to remove his hood when asked. Now to me, that’s gangsta! Yes, and it’s just as brave as getting sprayed with firehoses or getting bitten by racist German Shepherds. Uh huh, that’s how you get attention and get things done. Yeah, put this shit on Black in America 2 Soledad O’Brien!

OK yeah, so he has yet to get his money from the city. But you damn sure better believe that everybody in L.A. knows his story. What’s even sweeter is that he can possibly challenge them for infringing on his First Amendment rights. Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money!! Uh huh, who said symbolism wasn’t important. If a real Klansman could protest Barack Obama’s election victory as he did while holding an American flag, what’s wrong with what Mike did?


I know Los Angeles is a magnet for wierdos, but how come nobody said jack about the guy wearing the ski-mask at the very same city council meeting that Michael Hunt attended??

QUESTION: Do you think what Michael Hunt did was wrong or offensive?