So You People Are Still Talking About Obama’s Birth Certificate? Does He Need to Produce His Umbilical Cord As Well?

Lemme let you in on a little secret. Somewhere in my mothers house in Brooklyn New York there’s a baby shoe box with my soon to be 39yr old umbilical cord. No joke, my mother for whatever reason decided to save the umbilical cord of each of her four children. As I was growing up, I’d peek in at them every now and then, but I haven’t in a long time. Watching this “Birther Movement” thing in the news where “certain people” are still questioning whether Barack Obama is a natural born citizen made me reflect on my umbilical cord. I’ve come to the conclusion that these “Birthers” would not be happy even if Obama produced his Birth Certificate tomorrow.

Something tells me that the hate in their souls is such that they may require him to provide his umbilical cord and his mother’s placenta. Yeah, and this should all be presented in triplicate form accompanied by pictures of my man Barry O., actually exiting the womb with his hand on a bible as he recites the pledge of allegiance. Oh yeah, and Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan must be the attending doctors. I don’t know if my mother had visions of this sorta thing eventually having to happen to Black people, but I’m glad that she did. Maybe it will come in handy one day should I decide to become president or something. My wife is currently 4mths pregnant and I have the sneaky suspicion that she’ll have to do like my mother did 39yrs ago. Hey, you gotta be forward thinking these days.