Is it me, or have all the right wingers who hung out on this site in hibernation? Seriously, I don’t see any where near the same amount of Anti-Obama, Anti-Democrat, Anti-Liberal blogs being posted.

Now keep in mind that most of them were posted by white people, and most of them contained sprinkles of racist views. Where have they all gone? Hiding? Ashamed? Embarrased?

Well, given the sharp increase in hate crimes since the results of the elections have been announced, I’d hate to think that they’re all taking time from being online to sick a few dogs, hang nooses, or man heavy fire hoses and spray Black people with the intent to intimidate them. Nah, I’d hate to think that type of stuff is happening. I mean, we do live in a “post racial” society don’t we?

So while many Obama supporters have come to the realization that now that the elections are over, the work really begins. I have to wonder what are the right wingers up to. What kind of work are they putting in, and are they gonna strive to come together and help rebuild this country? It would really be nice to see us all unite for the cause of rebuilding. But unfortunately, given our history, and the fact that people are easily motivated by fear and ignorance, I think thats doubtful.

For example…

“I am telling you that there’s gonna be a wholesale firing of competent white men in the United States government up and down the line, in police departments, in fire departments. Everywhere in America, you’re going to see an exchange that you’ve never seen in history, and it’s not gonna be necessarily for the betterment of this country.”- Michael Savage
The quote above came from right wing talk radio show host Michael Savage about a week ago. It seems that Michael who is heard on 350 radio stations all across the country, is fearful of losing his job to a Black person now that Obama is gonna be president. Yup, it would seem that the hot topic for these racist people is whats known as “Social Promotion”. According to him, Obama’s success is a result of social promotion, or “preferential treatment” because he’s Black.


Is it that easy for a black man to become president? Shit I wish I knew this all along or else I would have ran. Barack Obama has been given a pass to date because he’s Black? Shit, who knew Affirmative Action policies applied to the presidency. Here I am all this time of the opinion that the man worked his ass off through college, graduated, went back to school to become an attorney, and hence became a “community organizer”. You mean to tell me all this time he was destined to become president? You mean to tell me that of the millions of Black people in America, he was the one hand picked as a beneficiary of Affirmative Action?

Oh yeah, and because of him “able bodied white men” are all now gonna be given the shaft, and will be relegated to living a life of crime all while on welfare as they try to support their families?

“When you’re socially promoted, you wind up as president of the United States. If you’re socially promoted your whole life and nobody challenges you because you’re of the proper constitution and composition and you look exactly right and no one’s — everyone’s afraid to say a word to you, why, you then go to Harvard, you then go to the law review, you then get elected, you then get elected to the next level. This is what happens in a country that’s intimidated by its own policies and its own fears.”

Oh yeah, this is how this man thinks. He has even been on record of saying that Affirmative Action stole his “birthright”and his “manhood”. He also said and Civil Rights was a “con” job.And like I said before, this man is heard on 350 stations, and has a listening audience of 8.25 million listeners according to Talkers Magazine. Thats right, thats a whole lot of white people listening and buying into this kind of crap.

And how does it affect anybody?

Well, as noted earlier, hate crimes have been on the rise. Hell, some clown in the KKK shot and killed a lady in Louisiana who wanted to back out of joining their country club. Something tells me that they didn’t shoot and kill her because she was Black. I mean, if she was, I doubt they would have accepted her membership application in the first place.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

PhotobucketIn Michigan there was a KKK member who was brave enough to don his conehead outfit and protest on a street corner the election of Barack Obama. Yeah, thats him pictured above. And you wanna hear something else? The guy who did this was a GOP precinct delegate. Yup, the KKK was working the polls. Now ain’t that a bitch?READ ABOUT IT HERENow all of this stuff is happening but yet we’re supposed to be living in a “post racial” society remember. The one thing that I am proud of, is the fact that David Duke and his EURO group (European American Unity and Rights Conference) was kicked out of Memphis a few weeks ago. His organization was slated to have a conference here in Memphis but thanks to the complaints of a few “good citizens” him and his group were kicked out of damn near evey hotel in the city.
They were forced to run to Mississippi to hold their conference but they got kicked out of there as well. I laughed my ass off when I saw him interviewed on the news here because he said his group wasn’t racist. He said contrary to popular belief, his group was all about WHITE CIVIL RIGHTS and not racism. White civil rights? Can you believe that shit??

I know to some this term is insulting when considering the struggle of the civil rights movement back in the 60’s. But somehow, for me I find humor at the thought of White folks marching and having bus boycotts, lunch counter sit-ins and all other forms of civil protest all because of Barack Obama.
Now mind you, these clowns aren’t out protesting the fact that this country has lost 1.2 million jobs just this year alone, and is in peril of losing 3 million more with the fall of the auto industry. Instead, they’re protesting the fact that one Black man got the highest job in the land. Lemme guess, all those people who lost jobs or are in danger of losing jobs are Black.

I didn’t write this to get any of you fired up or get pissed off. I just wanted to take the opportunity to show you guys whats really going on in this coluntry right now. This is the stuff that you don’t hear on the 10 o’clock news. And its just a sign that although its been said that we’ve come a long way, we damn sure ain’t too far removed from 40yrs ago.
I mean what else can you expect from a country with deep roots in racism and oppression. I wanna also be clear that the enemy isn’t white people, but the idea of WHITE SUPREMACY clearly is. But I ain’t scared of the KKK or the other assholes out there. Instead I’m laughing at these poor bastards. I’m laughing because Barack Obama dunked on their ass and he’s now hangin on the rim swinging with his nuts in their faces. Damn, the shit is so beautiful right now it should be on ESPN’s Sportscenter as the play of the century.

In ya face bitches!