I don’t consider myself a violent person, nor do I think I have an ill temper. Ok, so everybody gets mad and flies off the handle from time to time, but we’re human, and that’s to be expected. Having said that, I’m not feeling the whole “I Bust The Windows Out Your Car” song. Why is this a hit?

Ok, yeah, so a car if often a man’s prized possession and vandalizing said prized possession would probably hurt. Hell, it may even hurt as bad as getting kicked in the balls, but is it really neccessary? I’m sure there are people who can identify with the song. Uh huh, I’m sure some of you women out there reading this have fucked up a guys ride at one point in time. And I’m sure that there is a guy reading this who could relate to having your ride fucked up by a woman.

Now whether a man deserves this is irrelevant. Fuckin with a man’s ride just aint right. And its not right that Jazmine Sullivan has a hit with this song. I mean, what if I came out with a song where the hook says, “I Bust You In Yo Fukin Mouth.” Would that be nice? Would that be cool? Hell no it wouldn’t because the guys who have done shit like that to their mates have usually ended up in jail. I’ve yet to see or hear of a woman going to jail for bustin out the car windows of a dude she’s dating, with whom she has a problem.

Ok, so maybe its the fact that I had a chick flatten all four of my tires once. Maybe thats why this is sensitive for me. Ok, yeah, so it happened a long time ago, and I should be over it. But fuck that! I wasted a whole day of work getting my wheels back in order while I had my best friend run me around the city, trynna find her, laughing at my ass because of what she did.

“Well you probably deserved it RiPPa.”

Thats probably what most women reading this would think. But would they feel the same way about a woman gettin punched in the face for talkin slick or doin some other foul shit in the relationship? Hell, why don’t you women go about resolving conflicts from now on by bustin out car windows. The next person who pisses you off in life, just find them and bust out their car windows. Uh huh, do that because Jazmine Sullivan made it cool. Yeah, and be sure to give her a call or sue her for making you do it.

Trust me, you won’t go to jail. You’ll probably just end up on Judge Judy or some court show like that. For which you’ll become famous in your city with your stupid female friends, and be met with infamy by all the guys who saw you on TV. I’ve heard of some of the foulest shit women have done to men in anger, but fuckin with a man’s ride?? Shit, thats why I’m glad I’m married and not single. If my wife bust the windows out my car, she ain’t doin shit but hurting herself anyway.