Ok, so today is Halloween. It being a Friday, I’m sure its gonna make for some wild ass parties tonight. I’m 38yrs old and I’ve never attended a Halloween party, nor have I ever done the whole costume around the office thing. Not that I have religious reservations about the holiday, I just don’t really get into the whole spending money thing. I’ve seen the prices of costumes and that shit ain’t cheap. And lemme tell you, I’m not cheap either, but I’d be damned if I spend my money on some shit like that. I’m guessing some costumes are supposed to have the whole scary theme, and at the same time have that funny/comedic element. Having said that, I see nothing funny about the pic above. I love a good laugh like the next man, and yes, you can tell from my blogs that I spare no mement to make you people laugh. But, I don’t know how comfortable I’d be at a party with a few dudes dressed as the KKK in costume. I also know that should I be at such an event, the last thing I, as a black man would be doing, is smiling happily for a camera, while in the company of a few Klansmen robe wearing dudes who are drinking beer.

Like I said, I know funny, but this shit ain’t funny.

I know the KKK has endorsed Barack Obama, but this shit?

Question:How does this pic make you feel? Do you see the humor in this? Could you pose for a pic like this? Would you allow someone to wear a costume like the one pictured above to your party?