I was sitting here thinking about Barack Obama, and more specifically his success. I read a story about his aunt being found living in a housing project in Boston. Here he is a millionaire, and about to become president, but his aunt who immigrated from Africa is still alive after his African family lost touch with them years ago. The beautiful thing about the story, is that even as down and out she maybe financially, she donated to his campaign.


You can say what you want,but you gotta love America. Its easy to sit around and criticize this country. Think about it,its not hard to take a look around and see some of the most ridiculous shit here. But hey,perfection is a myth,anybody who tells you any different is a fool. As bad as it is,people come here every year to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Its like I noted in a previous blog,its about LIFE,LIBERTY and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I want you to take the time to think about some of the things you love about this country. I’d like you to really think about it and share this with me in your comments.

Remember career day back in grade school? They brought in different people to tell us about their jobs. This was supposed to give us as kids something to shoot for in life. After career day we all wanted to be fire-fighters, policemen, doctors, lawyers, nurses etc. Me, I always wanted to be a lawyer. I guess at an early age I liked the idea of having a commanding presence in a crowd,while having the ability to impact lives. Hey I was only 7yrs old when I came to that conclusion. One time I cried when they didn’t pick me to play the part of a lawyer in a school play! Yeah thats how serious that shit was to me. But somewhere along the line I lost sight of my goal. So as it stands right now,instead of practicing law….I blog. Umm that was a joke…you were supposed to laugh DUH. But the one thing that career day didn’t show us, is the fact that failure is an option.

Right now I know you’re looking at the screen like WTF!

Ok,lemme rewind that….


Yeah thats right,this is America! You have the freedom to fail as much as you have the freedom to succeed. Failure is responsible for some good stuff in this country. Hell if it wasn’t for failure,there would be no lap dances and strip clubs! Yeah, thats right! Did you REALLY think all those girls were stripping just to pay for college?!?!? So you see my friend, thats one of the things that I love about this country. We take forgranted the freedom that we have, and along the way we become unappreciative of what we have.

Allow me to introduce you to Mark Griffin…

check out this clip….You probably cried at this poor guys story didn’t you? You know what I did? I laughed! I laughed because his idea was the dumbest shit I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, its as though this dude was hearing NO, for the first time about his invention. I’m pretty sure his wife, or one of his homies told him his shit was stupid. But noooo, he didn’t listen. Having a dream in life is a good thing. People do make it in this world. But people also fail….and some people are just stupid. Don’t be afraid to say that I’m wrong in your comment if you don’t agree with me (I hate when everybody agrees with me,it makes me think I’m crazy like the guy in the clip). But see this is America and this is what you can do in America. You have the freedom to be an idiot if you choose! Nobody is gonna get mad at you. People like me are gonna laugh at your ass, and you’re probably gonna get some strange looks but other than that? Nah!. And this again,is one of the reasons why I love America. As messed up as it may be, be happy that you are free to do stupid shit and have me write about you.