Remember when we were kids, when after Trick or Treating your mom would be sure to inspect your candy? Remember that? Mom always gave you a story about somebody putting razor blades in the candy. Remember that shit? Back then I understood, being a kid and all, but somehow, I never heard of anyone actually putting razor blades in the candy. I’m guessing somebody did it to warrant mothers being vigilant. If only mothers, or parents were as vigilant of their kids and their online activities. But thats a whole other topic.

Its hard to think that there are “bad people” in this country who would knowingly do harm to kids. But, you know as well as I do, that there are some sicko’s out there. Yup, there are some sick, and downright mean people in this world. People who wouldn’t think twice about hurting a child.

Like this woman for example…Clearly this woman doesn’t like children. I don’t know, but after watching this, I get the feeling that she, doesn’t want Barack Obama to win. Could she be racist? Hell if I know. She did look kinda like the wicked witch of the west. However, I did notice that there were black kids in her neighborhood Trick or Treating. Having said that, maybe she’s just mad at all the poor black kids from the ghetto who chose to come to her exclusive wealthy neighborhood to beg for candy?
Oh don’t act like you don’t know some people who intentionally take their kids to the “other side” of town to Trick or Treat. I know if I know some people like that, you do too. Maybe this was the year that this lady had enough. She might be a nice person ordinarily, but the racist overtones of the McCain campaign may have gotten to her. For all I know, she might be down with the whole “spreading the wealth” thing. But thanks to all those ghetto kids, Obama won’t get her vote. I just wish she chose to turn out all of her lights, and pretend that she’s not at home, instead of hurting the feeling of those poor kids.Hell, its not their fault that they all live in the projects.