I’ve been waiting for Rev. Wright to make a comeback. And I noticed this weekend that the GOP didn’t disappoint me. All weekend long, they’ve been running campaign ads featuring those now infamous Rev. Wright soundbites. Hail Mary pass? Definitely. But what else is to be expected when you’re about to lose to the Black guy and you’re the great white hype.

I could remember several months ago arguing with my fellow melanin afflicted brothers and sisters about the relevance of the good reverend. Most of them were pissed off at the guy and even suggested that he was a hater trying to harm Barack. I thought it was sad that there were black people who were so afraid of Obama losing that they would throw this man and his statements under the bus. But hey, fear would make you do and say the dumbest shit.

This man said nothing but the truth in my book, and its only the scared assimilated Negroes who were against him. I stood by that then, and I still do now. So here we are today, and the GOP has brought him back like sexy. Sadly, this is not gonna work. Its just gonna be viewed as just another racist attack which is not anything groundbreaking considering where its coming from.

And you know why its not gonna work? Because Congressman John Lewis was brave enough to say what he said a few weeks ago about the McCain campaign. He took some heat for it, and McCain himself said his feelings were hurt. Yeah, McNasty said that his feelings were hurt because Congressman Lewis linked him and Sarah Palin to church bombings. The truth is he didn’t. He simply said the tone of his campaign was reminiscent to a time when segregation was the law of the land with his divisive rhetoric.

To paint the picture a bit clearer Congressman Lewis said what he said, but McCain tried to twist it into something other than what it was…THE TRUTH! This is why here in the closing minutes of the game this latest attack ad has no effect. What it does do, is to reinforce and serve as the exclamation point on an already racist campaign. Having said that, I believe the electorate is sophisticated enough to realize this. Well, thats except for the aforementioned scared ass assimilated Negroes, who are probably pissing in their pants seeing these ads. You know, the Black folks who refuse to accept the fact that forces of white supremacy is what the good reverend spoke out against?

I’m guessing John McCain didn’t get the memo the other day…

“Hey John, you’re losing, its time to start kissing Black babies!”

Somehow I can’t help but to picture fat ladies across the country tuning up to sing real loud.