Since I have come to realize that I have some of the most intelligent readers, this morning I’ve decided to bring a question to the table. Remember, I’m only doing this because I value your opinions. Before I ask the question, I urge you to click the link at the end of this blog and read what a good friend of mine wrote here on Blogger. After which, you might wanna add her to your blogroll.

QUESTION: If you were the owner of a child daycare center, would you knowingly hire a convicted sexual predator or child molester to do work around your business establishment?

MY ANSWER: Hell fuck no!!!!

I’m willing to bet that your answer would be similar to mine. I mean, no one in their right minds would knowingly do that right? Why in the hell would you endanger children in such a way if you can help it. Thats what background checks are for right?

Another question….

QUESTION: Knowing that Sarah Palin was found to have abused her power as Governor, why in the world would we the AMERICAN people (no not the fake one’s who live in fake America) want her to be Vice President?

Ok, so that last question was more rhetorical than anything else.

For the life of me, I don’t understand why anyone can’t see that this woman has her own agenda. But yet she’s supposed to represent political righteousness? I caught her line in the VP debate when she said that the constitution should be amended to give the VP more power. Yup, I caught that, and up until now, I kept that thought to myself. I’ve decided to bring it to the forefront today after watching her in a recent interview where she said that the VP presides over the Senate. Now, this wasn’t the first time she has said that, and clearly she is wrong. Per the constitution, the VP has no such power.

At first I wanted to think that she’s just another dumb American who probably couldn’t find North America on a map. But then I realized that she is a governor; she runs an entire state for crying out loud! Clearly, being in such a high position, she knows a thing or two about the constitution, right? I mean, she can’t be that dumb right?!! I went to bed after that story broke last night thinking…yes, she’s that dumb. But this morning, I’ve come to realize that I was wrong. You see, she’s no dummy. Personally, I think its all an act. In my opinion, I think she’s playing the dummy role to throw us off.

Don’t believe me?


it was reported that she has ran up a helluva bill in purchases for the RNC for the last seven weeks. Trust me, a dummy wouldn’t do that. A dummy would have spent their own money. She also speant tax payers money taking her kids on trips with her as she traveled. Ok, I’m sure you think that this is something that is priviliged for any governor. I’m sure you think that comes with the territory. Well, it doesn’t. If it did, she would not have LIED in order to have the state use tax payer dollars on her kids. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is not the work of a dummy. This is the work of a woman on a mission, and clearly it shows that she can think. Yes it does. I’ve done some dumbshit unwittingly in my lifetime, but I also know that I’ve done some “dumbshit” knowingly as well. Shit, I’ll admit that I’ve purposely writen a bad check before, and trust me, thats something a thinking person does.

When you think about it, Sarah Palin is no different, and she’s playing the dumb role to get her foot in the door. Yup, I think she hopes that she could be the brains of the operation in a Dick Cheaney sorta way. have you heard her make comments recently somewhat asserting that she would have done things differently than McCain in relation to the campaign? Lemme guess, you folks didn’t catch that one huh. Not only that, have you folks noticed that the whole Troopergate thing she refused to talk to investigators? Not only that, but did you folks realize that it was her husband who really took the fall for the pressure to get ‘ol dude fired? Uh huh, just like a good dope dealer, she never made any hand to hand transactions. This my friends is not the work of a dummy. Hell, she even was able to have her house built for free by contractors who have ties to a certain republican senator from Alaska who’s on trial right now.

Yeah, so she looked like a dummy in giving the answer she gave to the question submitted by a 3rd grader. Yup, she sure looked like the village idiot on that one. I thought so after I first saw it, but now I think differently. Why? Well, its been reported that she has connections to a seccesionist organization in Alaska. Ok, so she is not directly a member of the organization, her husband was. But she sure did “pall around” with them. Be that as it may, doesn’t it seem apparent that she has a hidden agenda? I mean, if Barack Obama is a terrorist by association, couldn’t this woman be anti-american herself given her ties to an organization who refuses to adhere to the U.S. Constitution?

I’m telling you…

this chick is no dummy.

Its just a damn shame that that poor 3rd grader who’s question she answered, would probably get a failing grade because of her. Thats the real tragedy for America here. That poor kid, Brandon Gonzalez, the 3rd grader, could possibly get a bad grade because of her answer, and prevent him from getting a college scholarship. Poor Brandon, would probably have to sell crack, slap around prostitutes and lead a life of crime, all because Sarah Palin and her “stupidity”. With the last name Gonzalez, its safe to assume that luck wouldn’t be so kind to afford him the position of president of the United States being a “C” average student, like this dude with the last name Bush that I know.

This folks, is an American tragedy….

Just something for you guys to think about before you hire that child molester.

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