You know what? I pride myself in noticing things. Like for example: have you noticed that since the news broke of the results of Sarah Palin’s Troopergate investigation, that Sarah Palin has been wearing her hair down on the campaign trail more than before? Have you noticed that? She was found to have abused her power in her position as Governor in an attempt to get her ex-brother-in-law fired. Now, keep in mind, she abused her power as Governor, but she broke no laws, as it applies to the dismissal of the chief who would not fire her sister’s ex.

But back to the hair. I think they had her switched up from looking like the librarian/church lady because it would make her look too authoritative in light of the results of the investigation. Instead, they’ve made her look sexy, or more like the Hockey Mom that more men would like to fuck. Yeah, they’ve somehow made her image appear a little bit softer. With her hair pinned up, she looks kinda like a bossy Governor who would abuse her power, and take her kids on trips at the expense of taxpayers. Or even the type of Governor who would have her home built for free by contractors with ties to a certain republican Alaskan senator who’s currently on trial. But with her hair down, she has an appeal like Stiffler’s Mom in the movie “American Pie”, a white woman who can do no wrong, even if it means having sex with a teenager. I happen to like Stiffler’s mom, and I’m sorry sistas, but that’s one white woman that I’d probably stalk if I were single. What? I’m just sayin? Ok, so you didn’t think that I would or could possibly wanna have sex with a white woman? Hey I’m man. I’d have sex with a green colored woman like Captain Kirk even if she had three boobs.

Oh, and did you guys notice her crying on the campaign trail shortly after the news broke…with her new hairdo? I thought it was a fake ass Hillary Clinton tear jerk moment like she did before the New Hampshire primary…minus the pantsuit of course. Instead, she had her hair down and looked the part of a damsel in distress. I could only think that they wanted people to sympathize with her. Which I’m having a hard time understanding since she said that she was glad that she was cleared of any wrong doing. Yeah, you can change the hairdo, but you can’t get her to stop telling lies. But I guess it doesn’t matter because she’s beloved by many even though her approval ratings have dropped drastically.

And did you notice that every time she appears with John McCain on the campaign trail, that Cindy McCain (John McCain’s wife) is always in the picture? Have you noticed that? I don’t see Joe Biden’s wife in the Obama-Biden photo ops. Which would leave me to conclude that Joe Biden’s wife trusts her husband and knows that he’s not gay, and would definitely not succumb to the sexual advances of Barack Obama. Not Cindy McCain though. It just looks to me that she has a problem with her husband standing next to a more attractive woman on the campaign trail. But Cindy McCain has more money than Sarah Plain. True, but given the fact that John cheated on his wife when she was sick and sticking Cindy on the side, would probably make her kinda leary.

And speaking of hot women in politics. I think I have developed a crush on Donna Brazile. No she’s not white, she’s black, and she’s quite older than I am. I’ve been in relationships with older women, but not one that much older in all my single days. But dammit, I’d have to give Donna a shot. She’s in her fifties, and she looks good. Lately through this political climate, I somehow seem to gravitate to the channel that has her as a contributor as far as commentary is concerned. Its pretty obvious that my ass is getting older because I never thought I would ever wanna have sex with a woman in her fifties outside of my wife when she’s that age.

Somehow I can’t help but to think that I’d feel proud to have had sex with Donna Brazile as compared to Sarah Palin. I mean, Donna is not only beautiful…she’s smart, and well spoken. And unlike Sarah Palin, I’m sure Donna knows that the Vice President doesn’t run the Senate. Its just too bad that because of Sarah Palin, that poor 3rd grader who’s question she answered in her interview would probably get a bad grade because of her stupidity. But, you gotta be glad that this is America, a place where that poor 3rd grader can grow up to become president just like the current “C” grader we have occupying the White House. All in all, its good to see Sarah Palin do her part with that whole No Child Left Behind thing. Its the least she could do, after having the RNC pay for a new wardrobe for her and her family in the past seven weeks.