Thats right, they’re not all racist. So, to categorize “them” as all being racist ignorant fools is wrong. Matter fact, all generalizations are stupid when you really think of it. Ok, so obviously, the McCain campaign has been purposely negative in the last few weeks. And yes, much of what we’ve seen in the media paints his campaign negatively. But even in all of that, its important, in an attemot to promote fairness, that I present this clip to you readers.


Now, what you have just seen was put together by an journalist working with an independent news media outlet. Having said that, one can only understand why something like this is not reported in the mainstream media. In other words, its more profitable for the corporate backed media to push negative stories as they have. Now, again, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the McCain campaign hasn’t been negative, or motivating their base with negatism. I am however saying that there are people who support McCain who are able to think for themselves, and are willing to speak out against idiots like the folks distributing those bumperstickers at the rally.

Its important to note, that the people who spoke out were both christian and muslim. And thought they support John McCain, they are able to see the reality of campaign bigotry. If only we could get more people in this country to think this way. Just remember this blog whenever you encounter the McCain supporters who you may come across who still think that Obama is a muslim with terrorist ties, as I have in recent days. The next time you encounter some idiot who says that, tell them that they’re wrong. When they ask you how can you be so sure that he’s not a muslim? Tell them that Jesus was a black man, and since he’s the father of Christianity, there’s no way Obama the magical negro can be muslim. Besides, there aren’t any mulsim cats in the NBA that I know of, but yet we all cheer for them.