I’ve been thinking about this, and even spoke to my wife about this recently. I’m trying to figure out just what I’m gonna do should Barack Obama’s presidency be announced. Running through my head are a host of crazy ideas. I wish I could be in Chicago at Grant Park when it all goes down as its the official site of Obama’s campaign party. But I can’t fuck with the cold weather like that. I love you Barack, but RiPPa has moved to the south for some years now and ain’t seen snow in a minute.

I don’t know of any election night watch parties here in Memphis, but even if I was aware of any, I doubt I’d wanna be around a crowd of strangers. That being said, I think I’ll just be sitting at home with my wife and kids. One thing I know for sure, is that I am gonna cry. Yes, I am gonna cry the moment that his election has been validated. I’m an emotional type of guy, but even if I were a cold hearted bastard, I’m sure I would still cry given the historic circumstances of his victory. So I know I’m gonna cry without a doubt, but outside of that, what am I gonna do? You see, I’m the guy who wanted to run around my house 10 times yelling happy new year when 1999 came to a close. Nothing crazy about that except that it was cold and I was supposed to wear nothing but my draws. I never pulled it off, but I did go to a club, and made sure that I was in the streets running around in a drunken stupor.

I feel the need to do something, but I don’t know just what. I’m tempted to go outside and yell OBAMA at the top of my lungs. But I don’t want my neighbors to call the cops on me. It would be kinda messed up celebrating the election of the first black president sitting in jail. But then again, I went to jail on Christmas night before. Long story, don’t ask. But I wanna be at a place or a room full of people like me who have waited for this moment to come all of our lives. A place where we could all cry our hearts out especially for the fallen who were not as fortunate as us to see this historic moment. A place where I won’t be accused of punching a white girl in the face and carving a backwards “B” on her face.

To me, that would be the way to celebrate it, but I’d be damned if imma have a bunch of people at my house. Lord knows when you do shit like that, somebody always breaks your toilet, and I can’t have that. The last thing I need is for a house full of jubilant Obama supporters like myself having to take turns running up the street to the gas station to take dumps. Should Obama win, I’m pretty sure the cops are gonna be on alert, and pulling negroes over left and right, and I’d hate to have to get a ticket for speeding because I had to take a dump. I still can’t think of just what exactly I’m gonna do that night, but like I said before, I know I’m gonna cry, and maybe thats all that needs to be done should he win.

Now if he loses?

Thats a whole other story, but I think I’m gonna make sure I grab a flat screen TV. Either that or a case of beer or two like cats did down in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I dunno about you, but sitting back drinking a case opf beer or two, and watching people tear shit up in protest sure sounds like fun. What can I say, chaos breeds opportunity. I hope it doesn’t happen, but should it happen, I think it would be necessary. Hell, it would be the least we should do after having a third election stolen from us the people.

What do you think will happen on Nov. 4th?

Obama supporter or not, how will you react to the news?

I’m open to all predictions….