You damn right I’m pissed off right now. Not only am I pissed, I feel fuckin insulted. Your ass got on national TV and tell the world that you were attacked by an Obama supporter, who was a black male. I’m not mad at that, because history has shown that white chicks lie on a nigger in a heartbeat. If you don’t believe me, think Sarah Smith the white woman who said a black man car jacked her and took her kids. Remember that woman? Yeah, she lied, and was later discovered to have killed her kids herself.But fuck it, lets go way back in the day. Remember Emmit Till? A white woman lied on that negro and they killed him.

Now today, we have this turd Ashley Todd lying and blaming it on a black man. But like I said, the fact that she lied doesn’t piss me off. It doesn’t because thats what the hell those broads are known to do. What pisses me off is that she had the balls to say that the black guy who attacked her was dyslexic! Ok, so she didn’t directly say that, but she did say that the dude carved a backwards “B” on her face!

Look, lying on some hapless negro is one thing (like I said…we’re used to that), but to say he carved a backwards letter “B” on your face is racist. You damn right its racist, as it re-inforces the idea that black men are intellectually inferior. Black men have had it hard in history because of this line of thinking. And here comes this chick, in 2008, resurfacing this bullshit. The thing about this that gets me, is that she didn’t do this alone. I’m pretty sure she had help. Nobody in their right or wrong mind has the ability to give him or herself as perfect a black eye as she displayed. Nevermind the perfect backwards letter “B” that she was able to hold still for. Yeah, nevermind that. Whats important is that this was done by a retartded black man.

I gotta give it to her though, she’s obviously sympathetic to special needs kids like Sarah Palin. Its just too bad that she’s the kid with special needs, and what she needs is a kick in her balls. You damn straight she needs to be kicked in her balls. The nerve of her lying about the intelligence of a black man like that. Do you know how many black men have been held back in school just on the premise that they were retarded? I’m just glad that O.J. Simpson is currently in jail, because if he wasn’t the police would have believed this bitch. And lord knows, thas the last thing black men need in America. All of a sudden, we’d all go back to being dyslexic, or intellectually inferior. We’d have to resort to being broom pushers, and janitors all over again, all because of this lyin ass McCain supporter. I’m just glad that she didn’t say that she got attacked by the Duke LaCrosse team or sumthin like that. Shit, if she did, negroes would have been in jail already.