Ok, this McCain campaign is getting funnier and funnier everyday. First it was “Joe Sixpack”. Then it was “Joe The Plumber”. And now today, the new guy is…..


These rich clowns are doing all they can to try and appeal to the working middle class, and its not working. The messed up thing, is that they’re using all these fake ass people. I bet y’all didn’t know that “Joe Sixpack” is actually a nickname of a local eskimo drunk dude who does yard work in Alaska. Uh huh, he has done Sarah’s yardwork. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Then there was “Joe The Plumber” the bootleg plumber who’s house is worth less than what they spent on Sarah Palin’s wardrobe for her and her family. Yup, the same dude who was LYING about buying the company he works for. And now today, they have this Tito guy wearing a shades claiming to be a McCain supporter and the owner of a construction campany? I mean hell, I know Tito Jackson isn’t exactly raking in the dough like back in the day, but does he have to stoop this low?

Clearly, this dude is a plant and he’s fake. They’re trying to use these created meme’s to appeal to the ignorant. I’m guessing McCain got a clue and figured out that there are more Hispanic citizens than African American. Yeah, I guess Tito is his new strategy. Tito is the face of a new America made up of Latinos, who are projected to surpass the white population in 2042. Slick move there John McCain. I’m willing to bet they picked up Tito outside of a Home Depot in Florida like they always do when they’re looking for cheap labor. Its just too bad that Tito is clueless to this scheme. But then again, Tito might just be getting a Green Card out of this deal.

Here’s Tito at work….
And here’s Tito at work at a Palin rally today….Shit…wasn’t it the republicans who were calling for the deportation of illegal aliens?Hell, I thought they were the ones who stalled the immigration reform bill.