Women Caught Shoplifting Merchandise Hidden in Body Fat: “Um, Excuse Me, Are Those Timberlands Under Your Titties?”

So, with Christmas around the corner, ’tis the season to get ya grab on, and…

So, I’ve known a few boosters in my day, and I’ve always been amazed at what they’ve been able to do. And just like clock work, they would hit us up around this time of year taking orders. What can I say, everybody’s trying to get paid this time of year so they can stuff some stockings, right?

Besides, ain’t nuthin’ like a hood discount!

However, I’d like to know just how on this green friggin earth do you get three pairs of boots and lord know what else under your titties, and back fat? I mean, $2600 worth of merchandise from T.J. Maxx is alotta shit!

Um, hopefully they didn’t have to stuff or hide anything in the vageen, or heavens forbid the uterus. But, something tells me they did, and have done this before. But hey, see what happens when we don’t have jobs?

Did you catch that, Barack?