55yrs Ago Today, Rosa Parks Sat Down

Fifty Five years ago today in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks sat down on a bus and refused to give her seat to a white man. This heroic and courageous act, was an instrumental catalyst for much needed and what was a-long-time-coming change. And today in America, thanks to Ms. Parks, we’re able to enjoy black women cursing on national television via the hit series, Real Housewives of Atlanta. Yep, how’s that for progress? Nowadays black women get paid to act belligerent, and do not have to worry about going to jail.

Yeah, I realize that Rosa Parks is considered as the mother of the civil rights movement by many. And by virtue of this title, she’s considered a saint if not almost angelic. However, every-time I look at the above picture of that now famous mugshot. I can’t help but to think that at the police station after being arrested processed, that she had a few choice words for the cops in the building. I mean I would have, so quite naturally… yeah… I’m sure she peppered those racist cops with a few “kiss my black ass,” lines in a Della Reese voice.

What Rosa did was remarkable, and should never be forgotten by anyone. People often say that she didn’t do a damn thing but sit down because her feet hurt. But I’d like to think that she took a seat for equality, and gave visibility to a movement that was beyond its infancy. An act from which many of black folks benefit by sitting at the back of the bus shit talking as we all now choose to do, without giving a second thought to what our ancestors endured.

Her being a woman is a pretty big deal because black women in the civil rights era were only visible when it came to giving foot-rubs to all those marching and protesting men folk. At least, that’s what history would have you think, right? Sorry Fannie Lou Hamer, you should have sat on a bus and black kids today would know about you and all you have done. But that’s cool, with everyone chipping in, we’ll get that monument in your honor built down in Mississippi any day now [details here].

Lastly, while I big up Rosa and name drop Fannie as honorable mention. Allow me to bring another civil rights icon into the mix. I don’t know if the people from WikiLeaks read my blog. But assuming they do, I have a request: Can you do a brotha and black America a favor by releasing the FBI sealed documents on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Yeah, and also a leak of Dr. Dre’s “Detox” album wouldn’t be a bad idea either. With a black president in office, I wouldn’t think release of such info to be a threat to national security, no?