Local “Church” Raises $150,000 Impersonating Rapper Master P. in Scam Employs “Crackheads”, “ex-Felons”, & Welfare Recipients

Make ‘Em Say What Tha F@%k!

The city of Memphis TN. has a huge problem with panhandlers [watch this]. So much so, that they recently passed a new ordinance to which the “lemme hold a dollar man,” has to adhere to; no seriously, it’s really that bad.

Now, I don’t have a problem with people begging for money. And, for the most part depending on how I feel, I may “donate” without even questioning just where my money is going, and for what cause it’s being used.

Yes, like you, I’ve questioned the genuineness of a solicitor for funds – be it the guy on the street, or someone calling me at home. But for the most part, it doesn’t determine my willingness to give to the needy. And by needy I’m not talking about the guy with the whiskey stank breath either…

Because I’m a giver…!

Well, that is unless someone pulls off the ultimate scam that may piss you off; a scam much like my fellow Memphian, Alisa R. Harris of South Memphis was able to pull off, until being exposed. No seriously, this is a trip:

Well, you know they say the road to hell is paved with people with good intentions, bibles, Master P’s cell phone service, and rusty No Limit platinum chains. So, naturally this being a city with an enormous panhandling problem located in the bible belt where there are churches on every corner…

It isn’t surprising that someone here had the gall to go to the lengths as Harris has, to take advantage of poor folks as she has. The burning question I’ve had since seeing this story on my local news is: why Master P.? Sure he’s obscure and forgotten, but why associate the name of his brother – Corey Miller aka C. Murder – with your organization when he’s currently serving time for murder?

I’m gonna continue donating to the needy as I always have. I realize stuff like this happens all the time across the country. But the next panhandler I encounter downtown, I’mma make ’em say “uuuughhh!” And as for Alisa R. Harris? I guess the sistah is just “Bout It, Bout It” like that.