Whoopi Admits Cheating, and I Support Her!

I was prepared to get angry at this, but then the fact that Whoopi kept it all the way real made me appreciate what she was trying to say.

One of my greatest regrets is cheating. I think it’s so selfish. In fact, it was selfish of me. I stepped on that man’s feelings like a monster; like he wasn’t even human, but an inanimate object that had no emotions. I got caught once, and stopped for a minute, but kept going after that.

As Whoopi said, I was looking for something. Only problem is, if I still needed to resume my search, I should’ve had the balls to tell my then husband and keep it moving. At least that way, he would’ve had the option to support me in that search, or not. I would have given him the option to do what he wanted with his life, as opposed to making that choice for him behind his back.

When I think about Tiger Woods and Jesse James, I feel sorry for them because I see that old me in them, but I also feel anger, probably at myself that manifests itself into anger at them, at how they’ve made their loved ones feel.

The person you see today is not the same person who would cheat, and to be honest, that person died after karma had its way with her. Trust and believe, everything I did came back to me. I was begging God for it to stop by the time I realized what was really happening.

I think they deserve every bit of conviction they get, but I think it’s important to examine what happens in a childhood for someone to grow up and not just make one mistake, but cheat repeatedly and even have those close relationships with the people they cheat with.

I was always astonished at how I formed a parallel relationship with my side pieces. It couldn’t have been sex because my husband was fine. I think people always assume the person cheated on did something wrong. That’s not the case. Something is wrong with the serial cheater that is only made right when a new person comes in and makes them feel brand new.

Whoopi must have done some growing to admit it and I’m glad she put that out there, without fear of judgment. This is why I am over Tiger Woods. He may have changed at therapy, and only time will tell.

I just hope that God helps him find what he’s been looking for all this time.