I Need Shar Jackson To Let It Go

I haven’t kept up with Celebrity Fit Club for a few weeks now, but when I did tune in, I was always a little turned off by Shar’s sad sack schtick.

I suspect that a lot of Shar’s grudge holding comes from her own self-esteem issues stemming from the rejection of her by Kevin for a white woman like Britney Spears. I almost wonder if Shar felt validated at having Kevin, a white male, and lost that validation when he left her, and never came back, having opted for another white woman (his current girlfriend).

I know that rejection hurts, and I bet it hurt doubly when Kevin hightailed for a redneck that they never shoulda give money, but I needed her to be strong for her kids, who are incidentally biracial.

I have never been a fan of black women who date interracially who hang on to white men like crutches. Jasmine from The Real World Cancun comes to mind. I have never let any of my white male relationships dictate my self-esteem. In fact, I knew that was a bunch of shit when one of my high school boyfriends, a white guy, “cheated” on me by sending letters to a basic looking white girl in Bumfuck, California. I was more irritated that he would be writing some basic chick, and not handling his business with me. He was swiftly kicked to the curb that day, after I raged at his ass.

So here’s to Shar, who I hope can FINALLY exhale, now that Kevin Federline has given her permission to.