B!tch don’t make me hit you! Now bring yo azz over here and give me some love

By Guest Blogger Folk from Black Folk’s Don’t Swim!

SANDRA Bullock is allegedly “terrified” of her cheating husband Jesse James.

The Oscar-winning actress is worried about what James will do to her if she does decide to file for divorce.

A source close to Bullock says the star will claim both “physical and mental abuse” in her divorce petition.

Sandra will also petition the court to get a restraining order on James from getting within 500 feet of her.

Now Folk ain’t going to waste time speculating if this is true or just some internet bullshyt used to stir additional page views. But what Folk want to talk about for a moment is the bullshyt relationships that women sometimes knowingly commit themselves.

In America there is a glorification of the Badboy and the Pussification of the man who pays the bills and is in touch with reality. Yet there is a loud cry that there are no “good” men left in America.

Folk will admit that the declining family unit in America, especially within the black community, has contributed to the decline in males understanding what it means to be a man. However, ladies… If you’re going to settle… Then… as a man, why achieve? The decline in Pu$$y value and self worth has only solidified this reality in the minds of many grown boys raised by women or other fvcked up grown boys.

But I digress… Let’s take this Sandra Bullock situation. Sandra, definitely an attractive woman whom could chose from the pick of the litter for whose going to spend time with her and give her love lips to. However, the appeal of the “badboy” with those “bedroom skillz” overcame rational thought when it came to choosing her mate. No different than Whitney Houston choosing her “badboy” Bobby Brown. Sandra and Whitney dropped the ball.

Folk has always been confused by this “badboy” phenomenon. Folk’s grandparents taught Folk to be a honest, decent, loving, and caring person. To honor the woman. To cherish her. To respect her for the jewel that she is? To be a man and take care of your man duties. Fix shyt. Repair shyt. Keep a fvcking job. Do a good job at what ever you decide to do. Grandma even declared that women loves a man like Folk was growing into.

But grandma didn’t know that Folk had been repeatedly told by several young women that Folk approached in school that Folk was “too nice.” Or “you’re the kind of guy a woman settles down with and I’m not ready for that.” “What!”

These same ladies would go on to date their “badboys” and like a crack whore whose found a twenty dollar bill on the corner of crack and coke, they each would fall prey one-by-one. Some to obvious physical abuse. Others to emotional and psychological abuse. Then some would put up with the bullshyt and just complain how bad their “badboy” really is. Seriously?

Folk even found himself in a relationship with a young woman who even told Folk they would feel better if Folk “knocked the shyt out of them.” Folk looked in disgust and took their azz back to their house.

Folk a grown azz man and happily married. Folk will tell you that a badboy can’t do nothing for you that Folk can’t do. No where! Period! But Folk has never laid a hand on any woman to harm or hurt her ever! And Folk’s lil lady ain’t complaining about that shyt either.

Folk don’t get the rationalization to want to be with a man whore because of their bedroom skills and the possibility that they will push your fvcking head into a brick wall because they see you glancing at another motherfvcker. It’s fvcking lunacy. Folk don’t understand

So you’re rather give up the goods to a quick thrill thug whose going to literally kick you out of the hotel room bukkid azz nekkid beat and bruised as soon as they wake up? Then sing about that shyt on their next fvcked up hip-hop single? Really?

Yes, there are a lot of average men in the world that leads boring lives compared to the “badboys” that will prefer to start a fight on Wednesday night. Yes, they may be geeky and read Engadget.com com daily. But with a little love and attention, they’ll smack your azz just like the badboy and kiss you afterwards.

Now ladies, Folk know what you really mean when you say you want a “badboy”. You’re really saying that you don’t want no punk-azz-pu$$ified-momma’s-boy who can’t wipe his own gawt d@mned azz. But Folk must warn the ladies that communication channels are getting twisted and that may be the reason why you keep finding yourself with the azzslapper that really slaps your azz around! Haven’t you heard “be careful what you ask for”?

Sure it may not be “hip” to say I want a provider verses “badboy.” But it appears to Folk that the preference has truly swung to the beat-me-hit-me-fvck-me-hard then forget about me while you hang with yo’ boyz. Just look at every other fvcking video on BET (female videos too).

So ladies, Folk got a question for ya! What the hell does the “badboy” do for you in light of the fact that you “need” a “real” man to properly take care of you?

And fellas, have you ever been passed over for the “badboy”? Or are you the “badboy”?

Speak on it how you want…