This is Glenn Beck, & This is Your Brain on Glenn Beck

Pictured above is just one of the brain-dead doofuses who attended Glenn Beck’s spiritual awakening event in Washington DC. Yep, Glenn Beck can’t be racist because, well, Beck doesn’t own slaves, but black people do.

But this being a corporate sponsored, “Beck Inc.”, shindig, one has to question whether this patriot was making the above point or lobbying for a return to the good ole days when slave were owned by white folks.

SIDENOTE: Mauitania doesn’t exist; there’s no such country.

I’ll let you make your own conclusions; I mean this is Glenn Beck we’re talking about, right? Surely there’ll be no fear-mongering from him or anyone at his event; Glenn isn’t into that sorta thing.

So yeah, maybe it was that this asshole just got the wrong message especially since Glenn is clear on the type of person he is, and just what he’s about. Which to some, sounds like an Al Green tune: Love & Happiness.

Surely we’d hate to think that he’s channeling Beck with the message that Obama’s plan includes white slavery. Thankfully the folks at Media Matters are around to help us:

Pics courtesy Gawker