Murfreesboro Mosque Fire: Another Example of anti-Muslim Rhetoric Gone Wild

by Joanna (JuJuBe)

So, we have all heard the protests of those who claim that the planned Islamic Center NEAR Ground Zero is disrespectful towards the families of 9/11 victims. So, other than pure hatred, what is the excuse for the people opposed to building a mosque and Islamic center hundred of miles away in Murfreesboro, TN??

Early Saturday morning, someone poured flammable liquid over four pieces of equipment at the construction site of a planned Islamic center in Murfreesboro. Federal officials are investigating this as a possible arson.

Controversy has been surrounding the plan to build a center to serve the 250 Muslim families in the area (who have been using a suite in a local office building to hold services.) The planned facility includes a mosque, a community center, and athletic fields, and is slated to be completed gradually over the next few years.

But, many in the Murfreesboro community are angry over the proposed religious center. Some claim that their concern is about zoning and traffic issues, while others have made very clear that their objections are based purely on anti-Muslim sentiment.

After months of vocal opposition in meetings and in the media, apparently someone has decided to take their anger and transform it into violence. And the local Muslim community is frightened.
A local religious freedom group, Middle Tennesseans for Religious Freedom, plans to hold a “candlelight vigil in front of the Rutherford County Courthouse on Monday in response to the fire. “We simply cannot allow the actions of a few destructive individuals to go overlooked by Rutherford County residents,” said Claire Rogers, a spokesman for the group. “It’s truly a shame that we have reached this point, but it is up to us to ensure the intimidation goes no further.” (source)Anti-Muslim bigotry has risen to epic proportions in this country. And criminal acts committed against Muslims or the property of Muslims like this recent arson attack go largely unnoticed in the media. Or, they are tacitly condoned by the majority of “good, God fearing Christians”.

Imagine if this had been a Christian congregation that had been the victim of this attack. It would have been national news. And there would have been the ever present “Was this terrorism?” question asked by every media outlet. But, since Muslims are the victim, Americans smile and nod and think it is OK.

I truly find it mind boggling that a nation that was “founded” by people who LEFT their homes to seek religious freedom has evolved into a country so intolerant to people of different faiths.

It is a perversion of the concept of “freedom”. But, realistically, this country NEVER practiced the ideals it preached. And this is just one more example. Besides, they were burning down black churches not too long ago.