Glenn Beck Admits He Doesn’t Agree With Martin Luther King Jr.

“You lyin’, you ain’t never met Dr. Martin Luther the King!” – Coming To America 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t pay any attention to this fake-ass poli-religious big tent revival in DC this past weekend. I haven’t seen any coverage However, if you’re interested in reading a take on the event as seen through the eyes of a Black Liberal who attended the event. I suggest you folks hop on over and checkout my man AverageBro’s recap of the event over at The DailyKos.

No, seriously, read his recap; over 500 comments; it’s hilarious!

But anyway, as I mentioned I purposely didn’t pay any attention to actual event. However, I was interested in the bullshit that often comes in the form of congratulatory high-fives once it was over. You know, like, Yeah son, we totally took back MLK from Black America, son… Yeah, white civil rights… biiyatch!! Um, you’re not gonna be able to convince me that nobody ever said that backstage; even Beck has a hypeman.

In particular, I wanted to hear from Mr. Beck; I wanted to hear his thoughts on the event. I figured he would be interviewed with a “mission accomplished” banner in the backdrop, while standing on a Navy carrier; but alas, my appeasement wasn’t as lucky. Instead, this is what I got via Fox News Sunday:

Did you hear that crap? This coming from the same man who before the rally claimed he sought to “pick up Martin Luther King’s dream that has been distorted and lost.”

Well, he admitted that he wasn’t King, nor was he alive at the height of the Civil Rights Movement. I wasn’t alive then either, but I know damned well that what he said proves just how out of touch with reality he is!

Oh the burdens of white privilege…

The only thing or the only line anyone white ever focuses is the “judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin,” line, as Beck alluded in his interpretation of King’s dream. Sadly, this is what King’s “dream” has been reduced to…

I’m sorry, but economic inequality was the crux of the Poor People’s Campaign; it was a lot deeper than the assumed, “hey let’s give a n*gger a job because he just might be a good n*gger,” bullshit.

But of course it’s probably too much to expect a white multi-millionaire like Beck, to understand just what the March on Washington was about.

Hell, why exactly would Glenn Beck bother to agree with that aspect of King’s “dream” when the people in attendance were mostly older, white, and living better than the average American.Truthfully, I doubt anyone in attendance had an actual clue as to what Martin Luther King Jr.’s work, and legacy is truly about.