52% of Americans Approve of Barack Obama’s Handling of Race Relations

I’m kinda fatigued by all the polling data that’s released everyday as it relates to president Obama. But this information I thought to be quite interesting to share because it involves race. And as an expert professional racism chaser, unlike some of you, I’m interested in just how people view him in all our “post-racial” glory:
PRINCETON, N.J. — Barack Obama’s 52% approval rating for handling race relations is the only issue among 13 tested in two recent Gallup polls for which the president receives majority-level approval. In fact, a majority disapprove of the job the president is doing on eight of these issues, with his worst scores for his handling of immigration and the federal budget deficit. (source)According to polling results, 52% asked approved of the way Barack Obama is handling race relations, while 38% disapproved. I’m really not sure if this is a good, or a bad thing; however, there’s some irony to this being the only area to receive a majority approval, given the climate of racial and political resentment.

As with any poll, I’m always curious to know just who the respondents were. More specifically, I think it would be interesting – at least in the interest of race relations – that a conversation with said respondents could be expanded. I’d like to know just exactly what in their opinion(s) is he doing, or not doing right.

Is the fact that he rarely speaks on, or totally ignores racially sensitive issues outside of some poor black guy being wrongfully arrested in his home, an indicator of him doing a “good job” with race relations?

Some black folks will tell you that he does a disservice to the black community with his deafening silence on issues that directly impact the black community. Conversely, there are some white folks who believe him to be racist, by showing preferential treatment to blacks in America.

As a black man who happens to be America’s first black president, is Barack Obama specially obligated to speak on, or advance a conversation on the most polarizing issue, that is race relations in America?

So which side of the fence are you on? Do you approve or disapprove of Obama’s handling of race relations?  Is the president living up to the expectation of him transcending the racial construct in America?

Even if he fails miserably at everything else, when it’s all said and done, as a country, would race relations be better when he’s long gone? What are your thoughts on how president Barack Obama has handled race relations?