Wait, There Were Black People at Glenn Beck’s Rally in DC?!?!

No but seriously, I had no idea that the black “Garbage Pail Kids“, as my cousin Chauncey DeVega so affectionately calls them, were in attendance this past weekend. I guess having a few black folks along for the ride as you return the Civil Rights Movement to it’s rightful roots of the uber-white republican party isn’t a bad thing.

And what’s a true Black Republican/Tea Bagger without any mention of Dr. Dre, right? Can’t really be mad about that even as it comes from the self-loathing kind, right? Besides, just like Alveda King, Dr. Dre isn’t even a real doctor, nor has a Ph.D. But I suppose there’s no denying that like roaches, black folks were there.

The fuck was this dude talking about below?

Did this muthafucka have finger waves?

H/T Jack & Jill Politics