Slave-Catcher of The Week: the I HATE MYSELF AWARD GOES TO…Alveda King

by Eco.Soul.Intellectual

Vomit, puke, spit and loose bowels to a confused chick who thinks that her blood relation to MLK has allowed her to inherit his wisdom and intellect.

A speaker @ the right-wing rally on the Washington Mall with Glen Beck, Sarah Palin and the rest of the insanity yesterday had even my great grandmothers flipping in their graves. An avid conservative, tea bag supporter, she epitomizes the crisis in black political, social and religious organizations.

Simply put, we are in such a chaotic state, some will be happy to drink Beck’s red and purple koolaid.

One thing I do agree about, she has courage because I know a couple of relatives are ready to snatch the shit out of her pimping her dead uncle’s name and work.

Another thing I agree is that she is lacking common sense.

On Fox last night, she said that MLK would have been proud of Glen Beck and his message on the mall.


Her rationale to taking a stance in the name of MLK is that she stands as the expert on all things Civil Rights because her uncle was an ultimate ride-or-die activist. According to her, her blood relations makes her an automatic heir.

Now, I have crackheads, thugs, a couple of perverts, and hermit in my family. I am not the expert on any of those philosophical existences, and didn’t inherit those thinkings. So what makes this chick think MLK passed his on to her.


But I have to agree with Boyce Watkins who points out that Alveda’s stance against abortion and gay marriage represents a significant portion of hard black church goers. Nevertheless, her support on conservative issues should not create a blind allegiance with the white supremacist machine and its operators.

But I don’t think Alveda is a traitor. She is the epitome of a confused and schizophrenic black political and organizational bloc that has been misguided since King.

After the bevy of assassinations in the 60s & 70s, black folk just didn’t want to be martyrs anymore. Thus a gap emerged from an organized and clear political movement that could serve the varied perspectives.

Plus the black church lost its efficacy; and in many ways, lost is marbles, mind, and morals. But let me tell you, the jinns were working it on Saturday.

What do they say, “The devil’s greatest weapon is convincing folk that the devil does not exist.” I think diablo was sitting on the Mall yesterday having a wonderful time.

In spite of Alveda’s “good intentions” I have to give her my personal award with love and hopes that things work out with her and her conscience for regretting an abortion, and pimping out her uncle.

Check out the Cee-Lo’s Fuck you song with the award. Whew, this was perfect timing because I needed a really good fuck you song.