OK, so the story begins sometime early last week. My wife gets a call from her sister with a tip on this hot job here in the city making $21/hr. She was told that it was listed on, and that positions were filling up fast. My wife’s sister applied online, and was contacted almost immediately, and an interview was set. After her interview, she called my wife to tell her that she got the job. My wife was contacted by the company and an interview was scheduled.

Now, my wife, I swear, works for the FBI or CIA undercover. This is something I’ve said to her and about her since way back when we were just dating. I promise you, she needs a job with CSI or something. Matter of fact, I hate watching shows like that with her because she always nabs the bad guy like within the first 15 minutes! So anyway, her being her, she decided to investigate this company. Sure she was skeptical, as always, and decided to take to the internet to check this company out. It was then that she found this site (click here). She discovered that the company was a fraud. One in a long list of fake companies that have been used to rip people off, by stealing their identity.

So what does she do? She calls the cops. Yup, my wife is a snitch. Uh huh, since we’ve been together I’ve all but stopped my dark side. I’ve even went as far as to tell her before that if it wasn’t for her, there’s alotta shit that I could have and would have done. Yeah, I used to be grimey like that. So she calls the cops, but the good ole Memphis Police Dept. told her they couldn’t do anything since she wasn’t a victim of any crime. Really?? Here we have an individual or individuals wanted in at least 4 states by the FBI, and you won’t do anything?? Well that didn’t stop her. She contacted her sister (the one who had already been interviewed and got the job) and told her what she had found out. My sister-in-law was pissed because naturally in the hiring process she gave them her info. Well she soon afterward took steps to protect her shit should her social security number ever pop up anywhere on some unknown gank move which would render her credit shot. Cool, she was embarrassed, but at least she felt safe after doing what she had to do.

Meanwhile, my wife, the po-po, was contacted by the company and scheduled an interview with them. I forgot to mention that her being contacted happened BEFORE she checked them out thoroughly. So knowing what she knew, and having contacted the police, she decided not to go to the interview. Instead, a friend of her sister who had also been contacted by the company went to the interview, and called the cops while there. The cops showed up and dude was arrested. The funny thing about this, is that there was a story ran locally on the news just days prior to this happening. We didn’t see it, and that was the irony of the whole thing.

So dude goes to jail, and you’d think that would be the end of the story, right? Wrong, its not. A day after dude was booked into the county jail, another news story broke here locally. Turns out, a jailer got in trouble for “accidentally” booking a woman into the all male jail. Uh uh, can you believe that shit? A woman gets arrested and they take her to jail thinking she’s a man. Well it turns out, the shim who was arrested, was actually the same dude who was running around rippin people off. Yup, dude looked like a lady. It was only then that they (the cops) came to the realization of who this person really was. It was only then did they discover that this clown had been wanted all over the country, and the local news ran with it.

And this is why the news crew came my house. They contacted my wife after some other victims came out the wood works. I think they found her information on the site linked above thats responsible for this criminals behavior. So they came to the house and did the interview, and her interview was on the 5 o’clock news. When I watched the segment and saw her I laughed. Why did I laugh? I laughed because they said her name was Tasha Phillips. Well, that’s not her damn name. She gave them a fake first name (and told them she would) because she’s leary of her shit being stolen. I swear, this woman is like agent 007 around this camp. I’m just glad I’m married to her, and I now walk on the right side of the law. Cuz I’d sure hate to be taken down by somebody like her.

She has since removed her resume from In this economy where people are struggling to make it. Where people are losing jobs and have lost jobs, its really sad that there are opportunists who will take advantage of the situation to make a buck. Yes, its really sad. But then again, this is America, land of the free, and the home of the people brave enough to capitalize on the next man. Be careful out there folks because anybody can be got in these desperate times.

My advice: Be careful of who you come across on these job sites. Be sure to screen them properly as you would when meeting and considering bringing a person you meet online to your home to have sex.

You can see the interview HERE

P.S. I love you “Tasha”