Did you know that the Obama family is not Black? Nope, they’re not, and its not because Barack Obama is the product of an interracial marriage either.


What the hell are you talking about RiPPa?

I’m talking about him and his family not being Black.

But they look every bit like a Black family to me RiPPa.

Sure they do, but they’re not Black.

Says who?

Says this guy…
That my friends was the voice of George Bush’s brain, Karl Rove. He’s often credited as being a political genius. Having said that, I have to say that he’s a pretty smart man, and hence he’s right. Some of you may be offended by what he said, but y’all better wake up, and recognize.
Yes he’s right because he’s a white man, and white men have been defining our culture or the cultures of minorities for years. I mean, they are the dominant culture in this country, so what they say goes. They were the ones who made us niggers right? Am I right? And they were the ones who had us questioning using it as a term of endearment because all of a sudden it was disrespectful and politically incorrect to say nigger anymore, right? Never mind the fact that some Blacks took away the power of the word, and turned it into a source of motivation. Never mind that. Because of them, nigger has been reduced to whats now known as the N-WORD.
The N-WORD is more socially acceptable, and carries less weight of degradation as the word nigger. And since that’s how it is, Karl Rove is right to say that the Obama family is not Black. N-WORD PLEASE!!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Thank God for Bill Cosby and The Cosby Show from back in the day. If it wasn’t for him, Barack Obama, and all the rest of us African American families in the country would have been Black. Because of Bill Cosby, Black families are no longer looked down upon like the hopelessly downtrodden Evans family who lived in the Cabrini Green projects in Chicago in the 70’s. Sucks to be them in their situation back then, but hey, there are no more African American families struggling to make it anymore.
You see, to be African American and struggle would mean that you’re Black. But thanks to Dr. Huxtable, and his attorney wife, their success made them an American family. And by virtue of them being Black…oops, African American, they’re America’s family. Thank God there aren’t anymore projects or poor people, and thank God there aren’t any more Black people in America. So much for the Civil Rights Movement of the 60’s, we all owe our progress to Bill Cosby.
We have truly came a long way.